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5 big boys in Da Nang International Fireworks Competition 2015

Thu, 02 Apr 2015. Last updated Mon, 27 Apr 2015 10:39

Da Nang International Fireworks Competition 2015 will be highly appreciated more than 6 previous competitions (held from 2008). Five teams joining the competition come from five continents. They have reputable brands and gain precious world awards.

According to the festival organization, during two nights April 28 and 29 in Da Nang City, Da Nang International Fireworks Competition 2015 (DIFC 2015) will take place with the participation of five teams as Fireworks for Africa (South Africa, Africa), Pyrotecnico (US), Howard & Son Fireworks (Australia), Surex Firma Rodzinna (Poland, EU), and Da Nang (Vietnam, Asia). On March 11, Da Nang Department of Foreign Affairs announced the "profiles" of five teams with a confirmation that DIFC 2015 will bring a higher level than 6 competitions held from 2008 up until now, due to the teams are very famous, which surely will provide audience with impressive performances.

Howard & Sons Fireworks - Australia

Howard & Sons Fireworks

Howard & Sons Fireworks is one of the most successful fireworks companies in Australia, known for excellent performances at major events around the world. Today, Howard & Sons Fireworks is the fourth fireworks generation technicians continues the career of Howard family, bringing a new motivation and creativity of success's story in domestic and international scales. Howard & Sons Fireworks has participated in many international fireworks events and won many awards. They have a lot of experience and will bring spectacular performances for DIFC 2015. The company is now a team of young designers who are very creative and full of new ideas for their performances.

Fireworks team dubbed the "witch of light" by the kangaroo land won the Third Prize in DIFC 2008. Additionally, they achieved many outstanding international awards such as the Gold medal in Monaco International Fireworks Competition 1988, the First Prize in Malaysia International Fireworks Competition 2007, Silver medal in Montreal International Fireworks Competition 2008, and Bronze medal in Montreal International Fireworks Competition 2011.

Fireworks for Africa - South Africa

Fireworks for Africa

Team Fireworks for Africa is the leading company in the field of fireworks in South Africa. This is the author of spectacular fireworks performances at the FIFA World Cup 2010. They lit the sky at the FIFA Congress, concert starting World Cup 2010, opening and closing ceremonies of the World Cup. They also participated and won high prizes in many international fireworks competitions such as First Prize in Knokke-Heist International Fireworks Festival 2008, Second Prize in the 17th Herrenhausen International Fireworks Competition 2007, First Prize KFM Symphony of Fire Fireworks Festival 2006, First Prize in Casino du Lac-Laemy Light Festival 2005, Third Prize in 5th World Fireworks Championships 2001, and First Prize Loto-Quebec Light Festival 2001.

This is the first time for Fireworks for Africa joining Da Nang International Fireworks Festival. It promises to bring brilliant performances and international fireworks standards. With experiences in international competitions, they are expected to bring a fresh new atmosphere along with creativity and originality in this competition.

Pyrotecnico - US

Fireworks for US Team

Pyrotecnico is a leading fireworks company in North America. It has headquarter in Atlanta, USA. In recent years, Pyrotecnico joined many international fireworks events and achieved many precious prizes. The team has been highly appreciated by creative fireworks performances with high technology for the last 120 years. It got high prizes such as First Prize at GlobalFest's Trico Homes, Gold Jupiter medal at Loto Quebec Light Festival in Canada, Second Prize at Da Nang International Fireworks Competition 2010, and Second Prize at Liuyang Fireworks Competition in China... With the experiences of joining previous fireworks festivals in Da Nang, coming to DIFC 2015, Pyrotecnico is expected to bring an outstanding and magnificent performance. The team used to participate in DIFC 2010. It is expected that there will be interesting and unique performances in DIFC 2015.

Surex - Firma Rodzinna (Poland)

Surex - Firma Rodzinna performance

Surex - Firma Rodzinna is a leading fireworks company in Europe based in Poland. The company got ISO 9001-2000 Certificate in 2009, which confirmed the specialized experiences as well as non-stop efforts to their improvement and development. Surex - Firma Rodzinna participated in many international fireworks events and won many awards such as First Prize in Pohang International Fireworks Competition in South Korea 2014, First Prize in European Fireworks Championships in Neufeld / Leitha, Austria 2012, First Prize at 10th Courchevel International Fireworks in France 2012, First Prize at Monte Carlo International Fireworks 2011, and First Prize Fireworks World Championships in Berlin, Germany 2011... This is the first time the team attending the international fireworks festival in Da Nang, but Surex - Firma Rodzinna is identified as a strong team which will bring great and spectacular performances in the festival in Da Nang.

Da Nang - Vietnam

DIFC 2013 -Team Vietnam

Established in August 2008, Da Nang Team is the first representative of Vietnam to join the international fireworks competition with modern equipment. The team members are trained abroad and often improved in skill and qualification about the art of fireworks performance. Since its establishment, the team shows significant improvement through each competition. Despite modest performances, Da Nang Team won Second Prize at the Light Fireworks Festival 2012 in Vancouver, Canada, and got First Prize two years later at Globalfest Fireworks Festival 2014 in Canada. In the spirit of solidarity and noble, Da Nang Team brought splendid fireworks performances to the local residents and domestic and international friends. With sophisticated investment in technology as well as music, Da Nang Team is expected to make breakthroughs at the upcoming Da Nang Fireworks Festival 2015.

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