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Po Nagar Festival 2014 opened in Nha Trang

Mon, 21 Apr 2014. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:42

On April 20 morning (the 21st day of the third month in lunar calendar), the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Khanh Hoa opened Po Nagar Festival 2014 in in Po Nagar Tower in Nha Trang. This festival appealed attention of thousands of people.

Po Nagar Festival, an annual folk traditional festival of Cham culture is one of the biggest festivals in Nha Trang. In 2013, Po Nagar Festival is named in the list of national intangible cultural heritages. This folk festival is held to commemorate the Goddess Yang Po Inu Nagar, who brought great luck and happiness to everyone. The festival often takes place in Po Nagar Tower, a complex relic of Cham towers. The relic was built in the middle of the eighth century with the purpose of worshiping the Goddess Po Nagar, i.e. Yang Po Inu Nagar. The relic consists of temples and towers having typical values ​​in many aspects such as architecture, sculpture, inscriptions, statues, and so on. It is recognized as a national historical and cultural site by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.


Activities inPo Nagar Festival


Po Nagar Festival is held solemnly every year. The solemnity and respect of the rituals, and the vibrant and exciting part of festival create a unique traditional festival in Nha Trang. The festival is a manifestation of preserving and promoting the intangible cultural values associated with historical relics, expressing through traditional ceremonies and cultural activities.


Worshipping ingPo Nagar Festival


The Relic of Po Nagar Cham Towers in Nha Trang where the festival takes place annually is the convergence of the traditional values in the process of cultural exchange between Vietnamese and Cham people. The festival is an opportunity for people to return to their “root”, educate their children about living ethically and contribute to fostering the fine traditional culture for the next generations. The festival is a symbol of national unity, contributing to the cohesive elements of the ethnic community in Vietnam’s central strip. Along with the socio-economic growth, the living standard of people is on the rise, creating favorable conditions to the need of people in creativity and enjoying various cultures.


Local People bring Offerings to Po Nagar Festival


This year, Po Nagar Festival in Nha Trang takes place from April 19 to 22 with the unique and important rituals to bless and bring luck and happiness to everyone. Besides, in the space of this festival, there are many cultural activities, art performances, and exhibitions to create the unique features of the festival. Po Nagar Festival is regarded as a connection of the exchange, cultural integration and intercalation between the two ethnics of Kinh and Cham. Since the change of time and the development of modern society, rituals of this festival are varies. However, no matter how they change, in the solemn days of the festival, the Kinh and Cham people often organize many important activities to enjoy the most wonderful time together and commemorate their Goddess.


Cham dance in Po Nagar Festival


Po Nagar Tower Festival is the highlight of the summer travel programs. This year, the festival is celebrated at the same time with the anniversary of Dien Bien Phu Victory and the Labor Day. The Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Khanh Hoa well organized traditional ceremonies in accordance with traditional customs, and created conditions for people to immerse in the sacred space of the festival.

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