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Exciting Ok Om Bok Festival held in Tra Vinh

Thu, 30 Oct 2014. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:54

Ok Om Bok Festival 2014 will take place at Ba Om Pond, Tra Vinh Province from October 30th to November 7th. No need to come to Chiang Mai, Thailand, you still can first-hand observe brilliant sky lanterns released in the festival.

Ok Om Bok Festival, also called as Moon Worshiping Festival, is one of three biggest festivals of Khmer people and also one of most important festivals in Vietnam. The festival is often held in October 14th and 15th in lunar calendar - the time of transition between rainy season and dry season and planting season and harvest season. According to the belief of Khmer people, Moon is a God who governs weather and crop in a year. Therefore, Ok Om Bok is annually held to express Khmer people's gratitude to Moon for bringing good weather and bumper harvest.

Ok Om Bok Festival in Tra Vinh will take place in temple courtyards; meanwhile, the festival at the provincial level will be organized in Ba Om Pond with many religious activities, recreations, and folk games. When the moon is full, Khmer ethnic people will donate offerings which are newly harvested such as cereals, bananas, or sugar canes to give thanks and pray for a good weather and a new bumper harvest in the coming year.


Festival Dua Ghe Ngo 2013


The highlight of Ok Om Bok Festival 2014 is an opening ceremony held at 8.00 pm on November 6th. The opening ceremony aims to celebrate an event of Ok Om Bok Festival being named in a list of national intangible cultural heritage. The opening ceremony will consist of special activities including recreating Ok Om Bok rituals, procession around Ba Om Pond, contest of releasing flower garlands and colored lanterns, and art performances imbued with the southern Khmer's culture.

Besides, one of important activities of Ok Om Bok 2014 is Mekong Delta Trade Fair taking place from November 2th - 7th at the cultural center in Tra Vinh Province. It is expected that the Trade Fair will welcome attendance of 370 booths introducing socio-economic and cultural achievements, tourism development, sightseeing spots, historical cultural relics, and other special products of Khmer people.


A traditional rite in Ok Om Bok Festival


In the framework of the festival, many thrilling and meaningful activities will be organized such as Exhibition of 8 districts and cities in the province from November 2th - 7th in Ba Om Pond, the opening ceremony of 'Ngo' Boat Race Festival at 1.00 pm on November 5th in Long Binh River, national 125cc and 135cc motorcycle racing at 2.00 pm on November 11th at the provincial stadium, tournament sports and folk games from October 30th to November 11th.

Ok Om Bok Festival is organized to promote tourism potential as well as special cultural features of ethnic minorities in and outside the province. It also aims to strengthen exchanges and joint development, diversify tourism products, and call investments for developing Tra Vinh tourism.

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