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Opening Da Nang – Summer Destination 2014 Festival

Tue, 24 Jun 2014. Last updated Tue, 07 Aug 2018 17:17

On June 20th, Da Nang Summer Destination festival was officially launched at East Sea Park, in Pham Van Dong Beach. It is an annual special event with several activities of tourism, sports, and culture.

The festival will take place until the end of June 29th, which is expected to attract hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world. Most of activities are held in the area of East Sea Park, along tourist beaches and on main streets of Da Nang City.

“Da Nang – Summer Destination” is one of the largest festivals in Da Nang, held annually in the summer. In this year festival, there are many new features that are included in lists of programs for the first time such as playing area for children, aerobic performance, street dancing, family festival day, antique car exhibition, song festival themed “islands of the country”, non-engine parasailing tournament, folk game competitions, kayak racing, and so on. However, the most awaited event in the festival is non-engine parasailing tournament with the participation of professional athletes from Vietnam and abroad. The tournament will open at 8 am on June 27th and close at 5 pm on June 29th. This tournament is dedicated to professional athletes of parasailing sport who exercise regularly at parasailing clubs.

Exciting activities to welcome the festival

Street dancing program took place during 2 hours from half past 7 pm to half past 9 pm at June 20th at the East Sea Park. The contest named “6th Open Da Nang Chefs 2014” was held at 2 pm on June 19th on Vo Nguyen Giap Street. The contest is an annual event for professional chefs in Da Nang, Hue and Quang Nam to perform their amazing skills and introduce delicious dishes to tourists.  


Chef contest in the festival

Nightly arts program with folk and contemporary performances along with fashion show taking place at the main stage of East Sea Park is expected to bring to tourists a wonderful party full of color and excellent sound. Tourists visiting Da Nang City in this summer are also offered with attractive tours such as scuba diving watching coral, fishing with fishermen, exploring Son Tra Peninsula, contemplating the beauty of Han River at night and a wide variety of eco tours and adventure tours such as trekking, learning about primates, visiting Son Tra banyan – Vietnam Heritage Tree, and so on.

Colorful and meaningful kites in the festival

The kayak racing opened at half past 2 pm on June 22nd is expected to draw attention of tourists because not only Kayak is a tourist product that is exploited strongly in recent years but also kayaking on Han River seeing scenery on the river and on riverside streets is a very interesting and memorable experience.

The festival “Da Nang – summer destination 2014” is expected to contribute to the improvement and promotion Da Nang tourism aiming to make Da Nang become the safest and most attractive destinations in Vietnam

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