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Da Nang free Wifi to be officially public

Tue, 05 Aug 2014. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:46

After one year of testing, Da Nang free Wifi was officially put into operation with the domestic bandwidth up to 700 Mbps and the international bandwidth up to 40 Mbps increased four times in comparison to the testing period.

Mr. Tran Van Dung, Deputy Head of Da Nang Department of ICT Management Project said that "Da Nang Wifi system uses the wireless mesh technology with advanced security features, which will guarantee to provide multimedia connectivity for users. Having approximately 329 access points, a system of Wifi access was installed on the street lighting columns in two sides of Han River, coasts, streets in the center of the city, airports, train stations, universities, apartments and other public areas to serve the needs of using Wifi of local residents and tourists as well".

According to Mr. Pham Kim Son, Director of Da Nang Department of Information and Communications free Wifi in Da Nang will freely served to help local people and tourists to access in Da Nang electric portal, travel information portal, website, and the online services of Da Nang departments and districts. Compared with time-tested, Wifi system has been upgraded with the domestic bandwidth up to 700 Mbps in comparison to 150 Mbps in the testing period and the international bandwidth up to 40 Mbps compared to 10 Mbps in time-tested. When officially putting in use, the quality of connection, bandwidth speed, and access time has been significantly improved.


How to access free Wifi in Da Nang


Besides the functions of freely providing Wifi for tourists and local people, the public Wifi system has been used in warnings of environmental pollution and disaster, managements of urban traffic and social order. "Currently, there are about 20,000 hits in this system per day. Although the cost of operation and exploitation of Da Nang Wifi system is quite large, approximately up to ten billion each year, Da Nang City will freely serves tourists and residents in the city until 2016 as that had been promised. The objective of this is to help people get familiar with Internet access and the online public services provided by Da Nang authorities. It also aims to e-governments goals of Da Nang.", Mr. Son added.


Location of free Wifi in Da Nang


For those who want to get first access in Da Nang Wifi system (instead of default account and password, which were used before), please choose one of these options:

Option 1: (SMS Messaging) Write syntax wifidanang and send to 8188. Then Switchboard will message users again providing account numbers and passwords of 4 letters. The account number is your telephone number.

Option 2: (Sign up online account) User will use his/her personal email to register an account, the system will send an email to user's email. User needs to sign in his/her email to activate his/her account.

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