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Korean Air offers change on flights to Korea, not refund

Mon, 02 Mar 2020. Last updated Mon, 02 Mar 2020 16:31

Recently, a large number of passengers buying Korean Air tickets asks for refunds due to the outbreak of Coronavirus in the country. However, the South of Korea’s flag carrier announced that they will not refund tickets to Korea.

On February 25, Korean Air confirmed that one of the airline’s flight attendants got infected with nCoV. The official online booking website or Korean Air is full of claims and comments from customers. Most of the passengers’ comments expect to cancel their flights to Korea and other Asian countries. 

“Hello, I am trying to contact the call center to cancel my flight to Korea”, “I couldn’t contact because the call center line is always busy. What is your cancellation policy due to the Corona?”, “I have been waiting for 2 days but cannot contact”... are common questions from Korean Airlines’ customers.

Korean Air Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner

However, Korean Airlines confirmed that they would refund tickets of flights to/from/transit in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, whose tickets were issued before January 28. The airline also reimburses passengers who are affected by entry limitation policy of some countries, for the fear of Covid-19 outbreak. For example, passengers who have been to China can ask for refund of their ticket to the United States, because U.S gives immigration bans on travellers who had been to China within 14 days before.

The airline is conducting methods to prevent the spread of Covid-19 such as aircraft disinfection, screening of flight attendants who have symptoms of illness and fever. From the end of January, Korean Air established an emergency response team to cope with Covid-19, released a thorough process to prevent the risk of infection. Korean Air uses one-time knives and forks on flights to China, counsels flight attendants to wear face masks, rubber gloves in all flights…

 Korean Air B747 8i

As of February 26, there were 1300 cases in Korea, 11 deaths, which makes Korea become the second largest Covid-19 outbreak in the world after China. The country’s government raises the national security to the highest level - red alert. This level used to be warned by the country’s government in 2009 when the swine flu spread in Korea.

For the fact that, some airlines postponed flights between Korea and Vietnam until this March 2020. The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends their citizens not to travel to Korea. 

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