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Vietravel Airlines - A new airline born in Vietnam

Wed, 08 Apr 2020. Last updated Wed, 08 Apr 2020 19:42

On April 3, 2020, Vietnamese Prime Minister has issued a Decision No. 457/QĐ-TTg with an approval for opening Vietravel Airlines. The project aims to open an airline associated with tourism, air domestic and international transportation services.

Accordingly, Vietnam Travel Aviation Co., Ltd - Vietravel Airlines is oriented to be a charter airline and often serves a part of Vietravel's customers, while the rest serves the community.

For Vietnam domestic flights, Vietravel Airlines aims to explore at Chu Lai Airport to service the area of Da Nang - Quang Nam - Quang Ngai, Van Don Airport for the area of Quang Ninh - Hanoi - Hai Phong, and Can Tho Airport for the area of Mekong Delta River to avoid overloads at the mains airports in Vietnam.

For international flights to Vietnam, it will be connected with international travel tours of Vietravel by air. The flight network from Vietnam will have destinations in South East Asia such as Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, etc.; and other countries in North East Asia such as Korea, Taiwan, Japan and China.

Vietravel Airlines is a newly established airline in Vietnam

The total investment of the project is 700 billion dong with an operation within 50 years. The number of airplanes in the first year of Vietravel Airlines operation is 03 aircrafts. The number will be gradually increased to 08 aircrafts in the 5th year. The headquarters of Vietravel Airlines is at Phu Bai International Airport (Thua Thien - Hue Province).

The purpose of Vietravel Airlines is to provide services of air transportation in Vietnam and from/to regional countries, which contributes to Vietnam's air transport capacity and Vietnam tourism industry development. The project will be funded within 9 months since the date of project’s approval. The exploitation of Vietravel Airlines will be conducted from the 10th month.

According to Vietravel's representative, besides completing procedures to be granted a flight permit, the airline is currently preparing resources for the operation process: “Specifically, Vietravel has acquired shares of Kent International College. This unit has experiences in the field of training human resources for the aviation industry and will be an important training base for its human resource development needs ”- Vietravel representative said.

The Vietnam Ministry of Transport is responsible for receiving the opinions of the ministries, branches and related agencies in the process of evaluation and business licensing in accordance with current regulations and the investors' ability to meet capital sources. At the same time, the ministry is responsible for supervising the development of the fleet to conform to the planning, management and supervision capacity of competent state agencies, the capacity to serve aviation infrastructure, the arrangement resources of investors to promote their operational capacity, ensure aviation security and safety.

Vietnam Travel Aviation Co., Ltd (Vietravel Airlines) is responsible for the information and data reported in the project file, the investment efficiency of the project in accordance with the law; implementing fully environmental protection contents in the Report on environmental impact assessment Project approved by competent authorities and in accordance with the law ...

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