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Soho Street in Hong Kong is dying by COVID 19

Wed, 11 Mar 2020. Last updated Wed, 11 Mar 2020 20:37

Facing the constant shortage of customers due to the Covid-19 epidemic and the high renting expense, a series of restaurants on Soho Street - the Hong Kong's most bustling area had to close.

Soho is known for its most high-end bars and restaurants in Hong Kong. There are many international brand bars, clubs and restaurants. Tourists can find the culinary elites of India, Israel, Korea, Spain, Italy, Sri Lanka, etc. here.

The world longest escalator in Soho serves thousands of footsloggers everyday. The system takes tourists from alley vendors to high-class restaurants in Mid-Levels. However, recently, the atmosphere becomes solitude, and less tourists than before. Empty streets, restaurants, and bars are more. 

Soho Street in Hong Kong

Half of the stores closed because of Covid-19

Tourists visiting Soho Street can easily see that half of stores on Elgin and Staunton are closed. That Covid-19 outbroke in Soho makes the neighborhood more silent. 21 in 39 restaurants on Staunton Streets are closed. It is said that if the Covid-19 situation continued, no business would exist.

The number of visitors decreased sharply, high renting expense

In February, the number of visitors coming to the area decreased to 3000, compared to 100,000 in January and 200,000 at the same time last year. The situation resulted in the closure of many enterprises. Many events happened continuously, the latest one is Covid-19, which makes culinary business get trouble. Many business owners withdrew their money to maintain their businesses in Soho, gradually becoming exhausted and helpless in the current situation. Regional sales go down due to the decline in the number of tourists, and people prefer online purchases.

Hopes in the neighborhood recover

Undeniably, Soho is still a famous and appealing attraction in Hong Kong, and an unforgettable name in the heart of visitors with the image of busy shops, restaurants, bars, and clubs. Many big bosses still bet on Soho. In mid-November, Vietnam's El Gaucho restaurant chain opened its first restaurant in Soho, Hong Kong. the restaurant’s owner asked to reduce the renting expense and plan to open more branches in the city.


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