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The first Vietnamese EcoSport model released

Sat, 28 Jun 2014. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:45

Ford Vietnam officially released a new SUV EcoSport on June 27, 2014 in Hai Duong province. This event will mark the beginning time of producing a totally new EcoSport model in Vietnam.

According to Mr. Meleto Arias, the General Director of Ford Vietnam, Ford Hai Duong is the fifth factory in the world producing a new EcoSport model. The release of the EcoSport once again emphasized the important of Vietnam as an integral part of the overall development strategy of Ford in ASEAN and Asia-Pacific. It also restated the commitment of Ford in Vietnam technology market and proved for the develoment of investing and trading relations between Vietnam and American.

Vietnamese EcoSport model is the latest model in the collection of multipurpose passenger vehicles of Ford Vietnam. This model will have seven colors for customers to choose with the net price is from 598 to 681 million VND. The combination of the versatility, efficiency and fuel economy of a compact car segment with the multipurpose and spaciousness of an urban SUV car makes this car become the good choice for urban life and suburban streets.


The first Ecosport released in Vietnam


In details, with the breakthrough design for the compact SUV car segment, EcoSport is completely the first new urban SUV car model in the market. It established new standard for this segment with the combination of impressive design, smart technology and high value for consumers. A new EcoSport model is equipped with 1.5-liter Ford petrol engine, 4 cylinders, camshaft double system and technology of Variable Camshaft Timing….

In addition, EcoSport is equipped with two front airbags for the position of driver and next to driver. In the higher version, the car is equipped with seven airbags. Besides, EcoSport is designed with a large hood in harmony with tense and edgy body, slim and modern headlights framed with wide trapezoidal grille, which create the most unique features designed into the front end of the Ford EcoSport. The high position of driver seat makes drivers have an extensive vision. In the advanced version, driver seat will control 6 directions with adjustable backrest. And what’s more, to reduce stress once driving, Ford EcoSport is equipped with a wide range of supporting features for drivers such as reverse sensors, electronic power assisted steering (EPAS) and so on. The car is also equipped with Power Start butto and a smart key system which does not require keys.


Management board of Ford Vietnam


Mr. Truong Kim Phong, the director of Sales and Marketing of Ford Vietnam announced Ecosport will be delivered to customers starting from July, 2014; however, the company has received orders until the end of September, 2014. The production line of Ford Ecosport in Hai Duong factory has been operating at full capacity with the productitity around from 200 to 300 cars each month. Nonetheless, this figure meets partially the needs of Vietnamese clients. 

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