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Vietnam Auto Expo 2014 opening soon in Hanoi

Sat, 14 Jun 2014. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:44

On June 19th 2014, Vietnam Auto Expo 2014 will be opened at the Vietnam Exhibition and Fair Center at 146 Giang Vo Street, Hanoi. The exposition will introduce transport and ancillary industry of Vietnam.

In accordance with data provided by the Organizing Committee, C.I.S Vietnam advertising and exhibition stock company, Vietnam Auto Expo 2014 has the participation of major manufacturers and popular brands such as Vinaxuki, Coneco, Shacman, KTM, Vu Linh, and so on.  In the field of spare parts and accessories, agencies and businesses participating are Denso, Da Nang Rubber, Gold Star Rubber, Dang Gia, BNB, Innotek, Kingtech, Lotus, GSI, Nam Hai Battery, Nhan Hoa Paint, Hanoi Plastic, Tan Phat, Youngmin, Vision Tech, TC, Viet Phat. Products will be displayed in over 450 booths on an area of 10,000 square meters. In addition to domestic manufacturing businesses and companies, a large number of booths of foreign enterprises from Japan, Korea, China, India, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and so on will be established at Vietnam Auto Expo 2014.


Vietnam Auto Expo 2013


This year exposition will also have the presence of products in accordance with current consuming trend which meet requirements of energy saving and environmental friendliness. Specially, several popular electric bicycle companies with dozens of booths will appear at the trade fair, namely, Aima, Gianya, Beforeall, Totem, Upladn, Asama, ARK… This is the 11th Vietnam Auto Expo to be hold. For the past 10 years, Auto Expo is one of the largest Vietnam trade fairs, which displays latest high-tech products, diverse and various transportations in Vietnam market. Not only as the bridge between business to business, business to customer, Vietnam Auto Expo 2014 is also a place to provide information and strategies for development, and a forum for direct dialogue between the government and enterprises which assists businesses in anticipating strategies in the future.


Vietnam Auto Expo 2012


Auto Expo is well known as a playground attractive to enterprises in fields of manufacture, import, and export. It is proved through presences of worldwide popular trade marks for several years. By 2013, Vietnam Auto Expo has attracted over 120 enterprises from 15 countries, with the number of visitors up to 80,000 within 4 opening days. It is an event not to be missed for auto and motorbike lovers as well as domestic and international experts.

At the upcoming exposition, KTM, a well-known and favored large cylinder motorcycle manufacturer, will introduce its latest models and hold a program of adventurous motorcycle performances. Amazing performances of drivers from Malaysia will definitely fascinate a large number of young people and large motorcycle lovers. It is expected that Vietnam Auto Expo 2014 will welcome 100,000 visitors in 4 opening days.

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