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USA - Vietnam technology cooperation on robotics training program

Mon, 21 Apr 2014. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:42

This cooperation of Vietnam technology has cooperation with Carnegie Mellon University (US) to raise the quality of robotics training program in Vietnam. raises the opportunity of Vietnamese students in accessing new technologies.

DTT Eduspec delegation has agreed to cooperate with Carnegie Mellon University (US) on the integration of ICT and Robotics courses for all primary and secondary schools in Vietnam from grades 1 to 12. The delegation includes representatives of DTT Technology Corporation and Eduspec Group has met leaders of Carnegie Mellon University to agree the cooperation on education in primary and secondary schools in Vietnam.

The two sides agreed to develop programs on STEM integration with platform of two courses of ICT and Robotics for grade 1 to grade 12. The content of this program can be customized according to the requirements of innovation of education in Vietnam. This program integrates e-learning and learning in the labs, which enables teachers, lecturers and students to participate in activities of Robotics and ICT as VirtualWorld Contest. Students in this program will have an international certification.

In addition, the parties also discussed to implement the application of RobotC language and VirtualWorld environment for students. At the same time, the most advanced model of integrated labs, teaching model such as smalllabs, Entertainment Technology Center, Dream Factory of Southeast Asia and Vietnam is agreed to cooperate and support by the two sides. The cooperation between DTT Eduspec and Carnegie Mellon University will help Vietnam increase the opportunity of student in accessing to advanced technology in the world, and create condition for the development of high-quality human resources in Vietnam.


A Robot of CMU


Applying technology for teaching in classrooms is not a new tendency of Eduspec-DTT that specializes in supplying educational products with high quality and systems of school administration in the Southeast Asia during the last 3 decades. In Vietnam, technology with effective learning tools have been applied in classrooms; as, it is believed that using technology to learn other technologies is one of the effective learning methods, which is widely applied in countries with advanced education. One of the subjects is Robotics Learning Solution.

Applying Robotics via a variety of learning solutions in a structured and interesting classroom helps children create a “real” world for themselves by assembling robots with the LEGO sets, or, creating simple programs on computer and transfer to robots that will operate according to their own requirements. This is the process of changing knowledge from abstract to concrete, which helps children be able to evaluate the results of their work through the activity robots.

Mr. Andrew M. Amalfitano - Vice President of global operations, under the Carnegie Mellon University (US) believes that in the near future Vietnam students will also develop their skills on robotics as American students do. Since 2010, DTT has associated with Eduspec Group to conduct education services based on IT in the model of socialization (PPP). With the permission of the Ministry of Education and Training, DTT- Eduspec consortium initially implemented this model in Doan Thi Diem Private Primary School and Xuan Dinh Primary School. In 2013, the first time Vietnam's robotics team won the primary championship for the first time and many high awards in international competitions. This will be a stepping-stone for Vietnamese students increasingly to empower their position in robots arena as well as Vietnam technology. Every year, DTT- Eduspec regularly organizes national-level Robotics Competition (Robothon) and International Robotics Competition (DYA) so that students have the opportunity to compete with internal and external friends.

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