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Vietnam - Germany discussion on cultural and educational policy

Wed, 20 May 2015. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 09:06

A Vietnam - Germany discussion on cultural and educational policy has been implemented in Germany to strengthen education system in both countries. The discussion focuses on various fields.

National Assembly of Vietnam's delegates of the Commission for Culture, Education, Youth, Teenagers and Children led by Mr. Le Nhu Tien, Vice Chairman of the Commission had a working visit to Germany to discuss, exchange experiences on Vietnam - Germany discussion on cultural and educational policy. At the German Parliament's Committee for Culture and Media, Vietnam and Germany had exchanged experiences on cultural and communicative policies, particularly conservation policies of tangible and intangible cultural heritages. The publishing information is conducted via the media and experience on building and digitization Congress library. Germany colleagues expressed their impression with achievements in the conservation of intangible cultural heritages in Vietnam.


Leaders of Vietnamese-German University


During the meeting with the Board of Technology Education, Research and Assessment of the German Parliament, both sides stressed their supports for strengthening Vietnam - Germany cooperation in education and scientific research, including the vocational training field. Strengthening to teach German for high school students in Vietnam, as well as teaching Vietnamese and Vietnam culture to Vietnamese students in Germany are playing important roles in the development of bilateral Vietnam - Germany relations in the future, it should be considered to develop by both sides. The delegation also worked with the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Science of Berlin, to deeply explore about the educational policies and educational system in states.

According to the Secretary of State of Ministry of Education, Yoth, and Science of Sigrid Klebba, Vietnamese students in Germany have a great studying result with 50% of students studying at Gymnasium Specialized University, while, the entire high school in Germany is about 43%. Mrs. Klebba also agreed to put the subject of Cultural and Vietnamese in the official courses at high school in Berlin as an optional subject. It is having a tightening cooperation with Vietnam Embassy in the improvement of adding Vietnamese in Berlin high schools. Vietnamese representatives said thanks to the German side for caring Vietnamese community in Berlin in general and the issue of maintaining the Vietnamese speaking habits and culture in particular. Simultaneously, it is necessary to add Vietnamese into schools in Berlin, which creates conditions for Vietnamese children in Berlin having a chance to study Vietnamese.


Vietnam - Germany relation anniversary conference


Vietnam National Assembly's delegation also had a working visit at Potsdam University and paid a visit to Vietnam Embassy in Germany. Through the working visit in Germany, members of the delegation shared that they had gain many significant experiences, and referred suitably to apply to the planning policies on education in Vietnam. In the side of Germany, they had many compliments and impression on Vietnam achievements in reserving and promoting cultural heritages. Besides, to further understand German educational system as well as educational policies, Vietnamese delegation worked with Ministry of education, youth, and science in Berlin. Both side stressed to cooperate in the fields of education, scientific research, and vocational training. This is not a chance for Vietnam and Germany to increase their cooperative relation, tighten friendship, but also an opportunity for Vietnam to learn and absorb precious experiences on culture and education. German partners also shared their desire of continuing to cooperate and exchange experiences with Vietnam to contribute to the development of Vietnam - Germany strategic partnership cooperation.

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