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McDonalds Ho Chi Minh hits 1 mil after 6 months

Fri, 29 Aug 2014. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:48

After six months of operating in the most dynamic city in Vietnam, McDonalds Ho Chi Minh City hits the touchstone of over one million of customers. This brand is preparing to open the third restaurant in the city to appeal the taste of local people.

Before the opening ceremony of the third restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City, McDonald's announced to hit the milestone of serving more than one million customers, after 6 months of operation in Vietnam. McDonald's has had 34,500 brands worldwide in 119 countries. More than 80% of the restaurants are owned and operated by independent individuals locally. Vietnam is one of 65 markets in the world in which McDonald's applies the franchise to build and develop the brand. The representatives of McDonald's Vietnam said this outcome is based on the statistics data systems of sales management of both restaurants in Ben Thanh and Da Kao as to August 26. In the next few days, this fast-food company will launch the 3rd restaurant in District 6.


McDonald Ho Chi Minh Dive-Thru


According to the survey of, in the second quarter of 2014, the McDonalds Ho Chi Minh restaurants did not see the overcrowded scene after 6 months operating in Vietnam. The situation of 5,000-6,000 people jostling in line for buying fast food during its first restaurant’s opening day in Da Kao did not happen on the second one near Ben Thanh Market. During the press at the opening ceremony of the first restaurant, Nguyen Bao Hoang, who brought McDonald's in Vietnam, had anticipated this scenario. He admitted that despite being well-received in the early days, McDonald's challenge in the new market is not small. Answering the questions about long-term plans of developing the brand in Vietnam, Mr. Hoang said, "In the Philippines, McDonald's has 400 stores; and in Singapore with less population than Vietnam, it has 150. I believe that Vietnam can achieve high coverage, but it needs to wait for the response of the market".

Vietnam is the first country where McDonald's comes in the last 15 years (after appearing in Pakistan). Vietnam is the 38th country in Asia where the group presents. McDonald's has appeared in 119 countries all over the world. Vietnam is one of 65 markets in the world in which McDonald's applies the franchise to build and develop the brand. Business investors of Food and Beverage in Ho Chi Minh City evaluate whether the service and facilities of McDonald's is classified as a modern and high standard, but to be successful in as diverse culinary market as Saigon, the brand has to face difficult problems.


Inside McDonald Restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City


After 6 months from the opening day of the first restaurant at the eastern gate of Ho Chi Minh City, and 3 months of launching the second one in the heart of District 1, McDonald's prepares to publish the third restaurant with a large scale in Phu Lam, the western gateway of the city. The third restaurant is located in District 6, with a total area of 1,600 square meters. The building area is ​​800 m2, consisting of 2 floors and 280 seats. McDonald's in Phu Lam has the similar model as the restaurant in Da Kao with specific services, such as Drive-thru, playing area for children, along with modern equipment. The restaurant also has two private rooms for party bookings, toilets for the disabled, and passage through the Galaxy Cinema McCafe is expected to be launch simultaneously with the third restaurant. The representative of McDonald Vietnam said the market remained its focus in Ho Chi Minh City market. And, it is preparing for human resources to expand to new markets when having eligible conditions.

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