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Ca Hue becomes National Intangible Cultural Heritage

Mon, 15 Jun 2015. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 09:07

On June 11, according to the Ministry of Tourism, Sports and Culture, Ca Hue has been recognized as one of intangible cultural heritages in Vietnam. In addition, there are more than 25 cases honored and recognized as intangible cultural heritages.

According heritage records of Thua Thien - Hue, Ca Hue or Hue songs has more than three centuries of forming and developing history in Thuan Hoa - Phu Xuan (as present-day Hue). In the cradle of specific Hue culture, Hue songs become an elegant hobby of amateur literati. Ca Hue is a featured performing art. It is the combination of literature and music, creating a poetic and subtle, erudite and folk beauty. This folk music in Hue becomes a tourism product to attract domestic and foreign tourists in Perfume River cruise tours, and in the auditorium of Hue Citadel. According to a poet who tied with the life Hue songs for 40 years said that along with the recognition and honor, the State should encourage research, collecting, composing, promulgating Ca Hue in young generation, and caring the life of artists... Ca Hue is a genre of traditional music in Hue as well as a Vietnam traditional music, including singing and playing music instruments. In many respects, the folk music is quite close to A Dao singing, the combination between the simple folk music and the royal court music.


Inside Citadel City of Hue


The song system of Ca Hue has about 60 works of vocal and instrumental music in two tunes (North and South), and a breathing system tune expressing many characteristic emotional nuances. The North tunes include fresh and elegant songs. The South tunes have sad and doleful melodies. Ca Hue basically has a tight and rigorous structure undergoing a long-lasting development and becoming a complete classical music in Vietnam, with many professional and erudite factors of structure, lyrical style and performing expression. Along with Hue songs, it is the Hue folk orchestra with five traditional musical instruments. The habit of listening to Hue songs is elegant and seductive.


Ca Hue group in Perfume River cruise


With subtle playing music instruments and singing techniques, Ca Hue features local nuances, arising from the voice, the voice of Hue people. Thus, Ca Hue is close Hò Huế, Lý Huế. Ca Hue is a bridge between Hue court music and folk music. An elegant but great for travelers in Hue is joining a Perfume River cruise at night, admiring the romantic moonlight and listening to Ca Hue. Ca Hue includes 80 tunes, and songs in Vietnam folk music, chamber music and a part of Hue court music. In particular, court music has 10 songs written. Chamber music has more than 24 songs written by two tunes North and South. About folk songs, there are 25 Hò singing, in addition to other forms of telling, and making funny folklore poems. Ca Hue is associated with Hue phonetic voice, which created unique style of Hue folk melody as an endemic nature. Singing Hue songs on Perfume River is a unique art form bringing the harmony between man, nature and music. Ca Hue - a traditional music in Hue Citadel – one of the most outstanding Vietnam heritages – needs preserving and promoting.

According to Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the agency formally recognized Hue songs as national intangible cultural heritages in Vietnam. The above information is stated in Decision No. 1877 / QD-BVHTTDL on the published list of intangible cultural heritages in Vietnam. In the decision, apart from Ca Hue, there are 25 heritages recognized as national intangible cultural heritages. These intangible cultural heritages belong to forms of traditional festivals, folk performing art, social customs and habits, and beliefs.

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