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Vietnam to hold ASEAN Ethnics Photos and Films Contest

Mon, 08 Jun 2015. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 09:07

The photos and documentary films contest on ethnics in ASEAN Community in Vietnam 2015 will be held in Hanoi to welcome the foundation of ASEAN Community. From from June 15 to 17:00 October 31 photos and films will be sent to the organizers.

The Photos, reportage and documentary films festival on ethnics in ASEAN Community in Vietnam 2015 will be an important milestone marking and reflecting the existing images as well as the achievements of ethnics in culture, economy, society, and religious. Simultaneously, the event is organized to honor the contributions of individuals, agencies, and organization of each country in ASEAN to the community. Deputy Minister of Information and Communications - Mr. Truong Minh Tuan said the above cited opinion at a press conference of launching the festival in Hanoi. According to Truong Minh Tuan, on December 31, the ASEAN Community will be officially founded, which is an important milestone in the history of ASEAN. Under this common roof, the Southeast Asian nations will live, mount, share interests and development on a new journey together. The ASEAN Ethnics Photos and Films Festival will attract a large number of international community's concern.


ASEAN Film Festival a Success in Myanmar


Presenting at the launching ceremony of the festival, Mr. Truong Minh Tuan said that the purpose of the festival was towards the 2020 ASEAN Outlook, with the establishment of a united, well-awareness about history, heritages and cultures community and intertwined by a common regional identity. The festival promotes the cooperation and mutual understanding between nations in the process of building a strong ASEAN Community and implementing the ASEAN Charter". Criterion of this festival reflects life, living, productive labor, customs, cultural traditions, ethnic costumes, especially the ethnic minorities in the ASEAN countries. The ASEAN festival on photos documentary films also introduces outstanding achievements of individuals and organizations in each country member of ASEAN on reservation, protection and promotion of national cultural identities. Traditional cultural features in the solidarity and cooperation among ASEAN countries in international integration and globalization trends of each countries will be introduced.

Southeast Asia is developing rapidly and strongly with many great opportunities and challenges. Therefore, the festival is a contribution of Vietnam to the establishment and development of the process of building the bloc of unity nations in ASEAN Community, for the sake of a diverse culture. The festival is also a serial success of  the "Photos, reportage and documentary films festival on ethnics in ASEAN community in Vietnam in 2010" and "Photo, Reportage and Documentary films Festival on Protection Environment and Climate Change in  ASEAN community in Vietnam in 2013". According to the representative of the organizers, the contest's categories include Photos (single photo, group of photos), films (reports and documents with theme of fields: culture, customs and practices, language, medical, education, industry, agriculture, and environment of ethnics in ASEAN country members.


Photos, reportage and documentary films festival on ethnics in ASEAN Community


Participants are organizations, individuals or groups of authors are nationals of country members of ASEAN. Each competitor (individual, group, organization) has a right to join the ASEAN Ethnics Photos and Films Contest with the maximum of 10 works. The rules and detailed information about the event will be publishes on the websites of Ministry of Information and Communication, ASEAN portal of the Ministry of the domain, website of ASEAN Secretariat, website of Vietnam embassies to ASEAN countries, on means of mass media in Vietnam and in ASEAN countries. Time for receiving entries is from June 15 to 17:00 October 31 in Vietnam time, according to the post office's seal. The result will be announced in December 2015.

Head of the Organizing Committee, Director of the Center for International Journalism and Communication Cooperation, Mr. Nguyen Truong Son added that authors of all works entered the final round will be invited to the awarding ceremony with international round-trip, travel and accommodation in Vietnam covered by the organizers. The types of photo and film have the award structures as foll0ws: 01 First Prize: 1600 USD; 02 Second Prizes - 1200 USD, 03 Third Prizes - 700 USD, and 05 Encouragement Prize - 500 USD. The event is one of international festivals in Vietnam having a great significance in general and in the Ministry of Information and Communications in particular in forming the ASEAN Community. Thereby, the image of the country, culture and people of ASEAN countries in general and in Vietnam in particular will be promoted widely to international friends.

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