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Da Nang takes master plan on urban development

Sat, 12 Apr 2014. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:41

Da Nang authority takes master plan to make the city into a large urban area of Vietnam and a major socio-economic hub of the Central. The plan has been recently declared to the Prime Minister for approval.

The People’s Committee of Da Nang has declared the Prime Minister’s decision about the master plan on urban development by 2030 and orientation towards 2050. The goal of the plan is to develop Da Nang City into a large national urban center of tourism, industry, commerce, banking and finance. The further goal is to make Da Nang Urban Area become a sustainably developed urban area according to international standard.

The scope of territory to be adjusted consists of 6 inner-city districts and 2 suburban districts, Hoa Vang and Truong Sa, with total area of 128,543 hectares (of which the mainland’s area is more than 98 thousand hectares, the area of Hoang Sa island is over 30 thousand hectares). The urban space is developed on the basis of the overall city plan approved in 2002, which focuses on improving main traffic routes. Accordingly, the main route of the Bus Rapid Transit system will be exceeded from Son Tra Penisula to Hoi An. The number of routes will increase, which creates favorable conditions for tourists to travel from Son Tra District to the inner city, Ba Na Hills Resort, the city’s industrial parks and other tourist attractions.  

Da Nang overview

The administrative and political center will have an area of 20 hectares and be arranged along Tran Phu, Bach Dang, Ly Tu Trong, Le Loi Streets. In addition, Da Nang City will have centers of service, trade, banking and finance with an area of 130 hectares. Specifically, the City’s authorities have ratified plans of the international trade center in Chi Lang Stadium area, the trade and office complex on Ngo Quyen Street and the banking and finance centers on Nguyen Van Linh, Le Duan and Hung Vuong Streets.

To accelerate the Da Nang tourism infrastructure, more resorts, golf courses, casinos and seaside facilities will be constructed. The tourism center has an area of 3,700 hectares including luxury resorts and hotels. Besides seaside resorts, there are eco-tourism areas along Han River, eco-tourism resorts in Ba Na Hills, Mo Stream and Van village. A casino is expected to be set up at the Ba Na Hills Resort. The tourism facilities in the city center are also considered. A number of bridges over the Cam Le River will be constructed and a pedestrian bridge over the Han River will be built as well. Many residential areas are upgraded to become the city’s satellite urban spaces, focusing on creating a green environment.  

Da Nang City also approved the plan on upgrading the City’s airport by international standard. The railway station will be newly constructed and moved outside the city center. Instead, several buildings will be erected in residential areas of Han River.

Mr. Van Huu Chien, the Chairman of Da Nang People’s Committee has emphasized that this master plan is to improve the living standard of local people in terms of houses, public services, health, education, culture, infrastructure, environment and architectural space. Simultaneously, Da Nang will improve tourism services, resort and hotel system to become a key destination in the Central Vietnam in particular and over the country in general.  

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