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Vietnam copyright in cooperation with South Korea

Thu, 23 Apr 2015. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 09:05

Recently, Vietnam copyright has been improved by virtue of the cooperation with Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Korean Copyright Committee. The cooperation helps literary works of Vietnam protected more efficiently.

Vietnam and Korea have received positively information exchange and sharing experiences to further develop and finalize policy, national strategy on Vietnam copyright and other related rights through four practical thematic seminar on Vietnam - Korea Copyright 2015 in Hanoi. This is an annual event held by Vietnam Copyright Department (under Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism) in cooperation with Korean Copyright Committee Office in Vietnam. At the seminar, Deputy Minister of Tourism, Sport and Culture stressed the importance of copyright and related rights in the contribution of the development of Vietnam economy, culture, and society, and those of South Korea. This also helps individuals to create works, and stimulates the development and advance of human. The event was held in Hanoi on April 16.

In Vietnam, the guideline and purpose of copyright protection, and related rights are defined clearly at strategic development for Vietnam culture by 2020. Specifically, Vietnam government has a decision on establishment and development of culture and people in Vietnam to meet the sustainable development of the country. The decision also defines one of the most important missions in the future as "Increasing the awareness on implementing regulations on copyright and related right in Vietnam society. It is necessary to improve and enhance the effectiveness of management agencies and enforcement agencies on copyright from Central to localities.


Conference on authorship to literary works


Deputy Minister Ho Anh Tuan confirmed that the cooperation between Ministry of Vietnam Culture - Sports - Tourism and Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism on copyright and related rights will contribute to the protection of copyright and related right, as well as enhancing proper use of work, promoting, and developing cultural industries between two countries. Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Korean Copyright Committee cooperated with Vietnam Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to organize many activities to promulgate and raise awareness about author rights and related rights. At the seminar, representatives of two sides discussed and gave opinions on four topics, including current states and directions of policy on copyright law, improvement of organizations, plan of copyright protection, and plan of creative content exchange.

Representatives also gave opinions on concrete cooperative content, creativity, and adaptation with the special consideration of the two countries' young generation. In 2014, in Hanoi, Center for Vietnam Literary Authorship, Vietnam Writers' Association and the Association of Korean Literary and Art Authorship signed a cooperation agreement on literary copyright in Vietnam to promote the bilateral cooperation in terms of copyright and related rights. In accordance with the agreements, the two sides will pledge to cooperate and maximize the ability of each side to support each other in protecting, developing copyright industry of each country and organization. Also, the Vietnam Korea relation in copyright also provides mutual support in the protection of copyright in both countries, coordinates to resolve issues of copyright and related rights, and shares information on the protection of copyright and related rights.


International Training Course on Copyright Enforcement


At the same time, the two sides pledged to become a bridge to help organizations and individuals who want to use literary works closer to the authors, the works; review and process copyright infringements occurring previously. Vietnam participated in and implemented all international pledges on intellectual property, including copyright and related rights. There are several important conventions of Berne Convention 1971 on protecting works of literature and art, Pome Convention 1961 on protecting performers, producers of records and broadcasting organizations, Geneva Convention on protecting producers of records, Brussels Convention 1974 relating to signal distribution, and TRIPS Agreement 1994 on commercial fields. In Vietnam, in recent year, Vietnam government especially considers copyright and related rights protection a great. Many researches and contributions are completed. The designation on management improvement and copyright protection implement are conducted. Over the time, the implementation of copyright in Vietnam and related right has many positive changes.

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