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Thu Thiem new urban area of Ho Chi Minh City in future

Fri, 11 Apr 2014. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:41

Ho Chi Minh City decided to expand center area including the whole Thu Thiem new urban area. There are accordingly some changes in Ho Chi Minh districts as well as the city urban area.

According to the Regulation on general urban planning management issued by Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee, the current center area of the city will be expanded 737-hectare more which includes the whole Thu Thiem New Urban Area. There are accordingly some changes in Ho Chi Minh districts as well as the city urban area.

Under this plan, the new urban center, Thu Thiem, belongs to wards of Anh Khanh, Thu Thiem, An Loi Dong; and parts of Binh An, Binh Khanh wards. The new center is divided into 5 main areas, including: the main center, north urban residential area, Mai Chi Tho urban residential area, East urban area, and South delta area. The current number of residents in this area is about 145,400 people. This new area will welcome about one million of tourists in festive periods, and over 200,000 people coming here to work.


Thu Thiem new Urban Area


Thu Thiem will have eight functional areas with different complex of usage, private construction density, public areas, and important works. Highlight point of this new central area at District 2 is the 86-story building which will be the highest one in Ho Chi Minh (Saigon). Besides, Central Square with an area of 20.07 ha and 9-hectare park by the riverside are places of the most outstanding architectures, and highlights of Thu Thiem New Urban Area. Moreover, this new square is also going to appeal a large number of public activities and urban community in progress of integration. In the near future, it will be the largest square in Vietnam with maximum capacity of 430,000 people.

In addition, Ho Chi Minh City Planning Exhibition Center is another architecture expected to complete in 2015. This work is friendly-environment, saving-energy, and flexible to the climate change. The purpose of this building is not just for displaying exhibitions of architecture in the city, but also a space for experts, local people and tourists to meet and exchange culture, knowledge and information. The new urban central area also consists of other important works to meet the demand of local people’s life, such as Ho Chi Minh Opera House, and museum.


Saigon view from Thu Thiem


In term of transport in Ho Chi Minh City, the traffic system in Thu Thiem is planned to open more four main boulevards. With a total capital of investment of VND10,000 billion, these four main roads are going to completed by 2016. Arc Avenue is the major road with business and complex of living areas, as well as space for festivals, important urban and cultural events. Meanwhile, Lakeside Avenue with amusement park will play its role in developing Ho Chi Minh tourism and ecology. Also, Riverside Avenue in the west with favorable condition of transportation is central road of commercial area. Finally, an avenue is open in delta area. This road continues the Arc Avenue and is located in the southwest of the center. These four main roads are considered a premise to build and develop Thu Thiem.

About public transportation, there is a subway from Ham Nghi Street to Thu Thiem. In this center, there are three stations in Arc Avenue, Children’s Palace and International Hospital. Besides, an above high-speed tram line connecting Thu Thiem and Long Thanh Airport, Dong Nai will be built. And, buses with short hauls are open to meet the traveling of local people and tourists in the north living area and East-West Avenue.

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