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The groundbreaking of Thu Thiem 2 Bridge

Wed, 04 Feb 2015. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 09:00

On February 3rd, Ho Chi Minh City’s People Committee and investors of Thu Thiem 2 Bridge launched its groundbreaking ceremony. Thu Thiem 2 Bridge will connect District 1 and District 2 creating a driving force to faster develop the city economy.

As designed, Thu Thiem 2 Bridge will have the length of 852 meters and the width of 19.3 meters. The Bridge will be constructed from the intersection of Ton Duc Thang Street and Le Duan Street (District 1) running along Ton Duc Thang Street, crossing Saigon River, and connecting to Arc Avenue (Route R1) in Thu Thiem New Urban Area (District 2). The project has the total invested capital of 4,620 billion VND, in which, the cost of construction and consultant is 2,283 billion VND; technical infrastructure's relocation expenses and clearance compensation is 308.5 billion VND; and other expenses are 1,671 billion VND.   


The model of Thu Thiem 2 Bridge in future


According to the plan, Thu Thiem 2 Bridge has 6 lanes including 4 lanes for cars and 2 lanes for other vehicles. The bridge is cable-stayed designed with the main pylon of 113 meters leaning toward Thu Thiem New Urban Area. Along with the art lighting design, Thu Thiem 2 Bridge will be prominent architectural landmark in Saigon River in both day time and night time. The representative of investors informed that they made an agreement about the construction plan to ensure that the construction of Thu Thiem 2 Bridge would not affect the production of Ba Son Corporation. Accordingly, the construction of Thu Thiem 2 Bridge is expected to finish and put into the operation in April 30th, 2018 (after 38 months). In the case of Ba Son Corporation can hand over the ground sooner, the completion time can be faster.


Perspective of Thu Thiem 2 Bridge


Speaking at the ground breaking ceremony, Vietnam Minister of Transport Mr. Dinh La Thang highly appreciated Ho Chi Minh City because the city is always active and creative in finding and mobilizing the capital for developing the infrastructure of the city's transportation. Nonetheless, Mr. Dinh La Thang recommended Ho Chi Minh City to work again with investors to determine the project's completion time. According to Mr. Thang, it is no later than 30 months and no sooner than 34 months, the construction of Thu Thiem 2 Bridge can be completed. After the construction, Thu Thiem 2 Bridge will make a connection between District 1 and District 2. It is expected that this landmark will create a driving force to faster develop Thu Thiem New Urban Area, especially the functional zone 1 and simultaneously reduce the traffic jams in the area.

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