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Ho Chi Minh City to build the largest square in Vietnam

Fri, 29 Aug 2014. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:48

As planned, the a riverside park along with a central square will be constructed in the area of nearly 30 hectares in Thu Thiem New Urban Area in Ho Chi Minh City. If approved, it will be the largest square in Vietnam.

The People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City has recently submitted the documentations asking for approval of a central square and a riverside park in Thu Thiem New Urban Area. The project has a total planned area of nearly 30 hectares, of which a central square is over 20 hectares in width. The square once completed is expected to accommodate 430,000 people. The total investment of the proposed consulting research of Deso Defrain Souquet Associates from France is estimated at 1,970 billion VND.

This will be the center for exchange activities, cultural and political festivals. Simultaneously, the center also acts as a public space serving daily activities of local people and tourists. Here also gathers the most typical architectural works and beautiful landscape of Thu Thiem New Urban Area.


Thu Thiem tunnel


According to the provincial People’s Committee, since the square and a riverside park are located directly adjacent to main roads of the area, the early investment in the project and construction of 4 main roads in Thu Thiem New Urban Area will save the cost, shorten the time, reduce negative impacts on environment and ensure efficiency and benefits for the city. In addition, construction of a central square and a riverside park in Thu Thiem area will attract investment and increase the efficiency of calling investment in projects in Thu Thiem, especially core projects.

In late May 2014, the Prime Minister has agreed the addition of construction of the square and the park to the contract building 4 main roads in Thu Thiem area. This new construction will be implemented in conjunction with projects that have been signed by provincial People’s Committee and investors.


Ho Chi Minh City overview


Once the central square and the riverside park are completed, Thu Thiem will be in possession of 8 functional zones. The first is the multifunctional service center. The second is the highly dense complex serving activities of commerce, sports, and entertainment. The third is a mixed-function area under the bridge Thu Thiem 1. The fourth is the mixed residential area. The fifth zone includes a public park and a low-dense residential area. The sixth includes a software park and an international hospital. The seventh has the same function as the fifth zone. And the eighth is dedicated to developing biodiversity.  

Earlier, 4 main roads in Thu Thiem New Urban Area have begun to be constructed in mid-February with a total invested capital of over 12,000 billion VND, equal to 600 million USD, including interest expense and provision for inflation. Investors have committed to local authorities to complete this major project within a maximum of 36 months since the commencement date.

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