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Vietnam Science and Technology supported by Israel

Thu, 13 Nov 2014. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:55

In the near future, Vietnam Science and Technology will welcome application of high-technology from Israel, a country lacking natural resources but still develops its economy in all fields. This also highlights more the Vietnam – Israel relation.

Since the diplomat relation was official established in 1993, the cooperation relation between Vietnam and Israel witnessed good developing milestones. Cooperation between the two countries is driven on almost fields, including politics, diplomacy, economy, trade, finance, science and technology, agriculture, information and communication, culture, tourism, and transportation. On May 30, 2013, the Prime Minister issued Decision No. 838 on establishing the Vietnam Division in Intergovernmental Commission between Vietnam and Israel on economic, scientist and technological cooperation and other fields. In late September and early October, the Minister of Vietnam science and technology, Nguyen Quan led Vietnam delegation to attend the First Session of the Intergovernmental Committee in Israel. This event opened up new vistas of cooperation in science and technology between the two countries in the future.


Vietnam-Israel Business Forum


Israel is located in the Eastern Mediterranean, with an area 20,770km2, the population of nearly 9 million people. Climate is temperate, except for hot and dry desert areas in Eastern and South. Israel's resources are very limited, with only a little potash, copper ore, rock-form phosphate, magnesium bromide, and clays... The economic structure of the country includes agriculture of 2.8%, industry of 37.7%, and services of 59.5%. Although economic growth in 2013 is only 3.7%, GDP per capita amounted to US $ 31,514. This is due to export crafted diamonds, high-tech equipment, weapons, computer software, chemicals and textiles which has been the superior strengths of this country. 

When referring to platform of socio-economic development, the Israeli Minister of Economy, Mr. Naftali Bennet confirmed that human resources are the most important sources. As well as many small and lack-resource countries, Israel identified that policies in science and technology must be improved its competitive position in the international arena. To promote research and industrial development, the Office of Leading Scientists under the Ministry of Economy is the "arm force" of Israeli government. The mission of the office has been identified through the "Law on promoting industrial research and Development 1984," the activities are supported through researches and development funds, as well as a variety of international cooperation programs and agreements. The office supports the development of industry science and technology based on knowledge of Israel to encourage the innovation and entrepreneurship while stimulating economic growth. "It means that any individual, organization and collective having viable scientific ideas, are quickly funded from research and development funds," said Avi Hanson, a leading scientist, Israel's Ministry of Economy said.


Israel Agriculture


One of the best developing industries in Israel must be high-tech agriculture, with many high quality agricultural products exported around the world. This result is due to strong Israeli progressive applications of science and technology, including the effective application of biotechnology, land and sunlight use as well as sustainable industrial wastewater methods. In particular, the ability to reuse is up to 80% of used water, irrigation systems achieving 70-80% efficiency of water use in agriculture, the highest level in the world today. So, from the bank of beautiful Mediterranean Sea full of sunny wind to the ancient holy site of Jerusalem, from Negev Desert and the Dead Sea are clearly marked by the application of science and technology. It is the intelligent water supply network to every creeping grass roots. Notably, it is water system for hundreds of miles radiating many directions forming olive-growing areas, types of vegetables, and varied fruits. If Vietnam agriculture can be supported by the high-tech methods of Israel, the sector will definitely save the human resource and provide high-productivity.

On cooperation in state management, sharing information and experiences, there are practical experiences to promote rapid and sustainable development in the field of information technology and communications, development e-government, human resources information technology, information security and frequency... and motive force for promoting social and economic development of the country in general. It is necessary to encouraging organizations and enterprises of the two countries in the field of information technology and communications to promote opportunities of investment in Vietnam. Promote the establishment of channels of communication between government agencies, associations and enterprises of both sides to promote the image, country, people, and bringing good news about Vietnam to Israel, and vice versa.

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