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Vietnam agricultural products displayed in SIAL Paris 2014

Thu, 23 Oct 2014. Last updated Fri, 08 May 2015 13:48

Participating SIAL Paris 2014 is a good opportunity for Vietnam agricultural products to integrate in European market as well as the world market. During 5 days promoting products in the fair, some Vietnam companies gained great contracts.

16 Vietnam enterprises of processing and exporting agricultural products and food participated in The Global Food Marketplace (SIAL Paris 2014) from Oct 19-23, 2014. This is a traditional fair organized every two years. This year's fair is held on the 50th anniversary since the first marketplace took place. The SIAL Paris 2014 is the convergence of 6300 enterprises from tens of countries in the world. Open during 5 days (from Oct 19 to 23), the fair is expected to welcome about 150,000 guests as experts on evaluating products and market promotion for enterprises. Vietnam booth is located in central international booths. These Vietnam showrooms introduce a variety kind of tropical and diverse vegetables and fruit which are strengths of Vietnam agriculture, such as mango, pineapple, dragon fruit, corn, baby corn, cashew nuts, coconut, and high-yielding rice varieties... These are also products favored by European markets. 

Exciting atmosphere of the SIAL Paris

Talking to Vietnam News Agency correspondent in France, Mr. Dao Van Ho, Director of Center for Agricultural Trade Promotion, said Vietnam always determines that the SIAL is an important gateway for Vietnam agricultural products, food and beverage to be exported to European and world markets. Thus, Vietnam is participating in the international fair for the fifth time. After these fairs, there are more enterprises, along with the higher opportunity for these enterprises to export to European market. He also added agricultural products are the strength of Vietnam, which contributes greatly to the important total national revenue with annual steady value increasing. In 2013, the export turnover of agricultural and aqua cultural is US $27.5 billion. During early 9 months of this year, the revenue reached US $ 22.6 billion, expected to reach US $30 billion. He added, the ability to expand the export market is very optimistic, as Vietnam businesses can meet better quality standards of demanding markets such as America, Europe, Japan, and Korea... 

Mr. Nguyen Van Sang, Chairman of the Board of Directors of West Food Company, with its headquarter in Cai Son Hang Bang Industrial zonein Ninh Kieu District, Can Tho City, said the fair was an opportunity to learn needs of world market in general and European market in particular to expand exports in the future. He added proudly, with modern manufacturing processes, the company was granted full international certifications of food safety such as HACCP, BRC, and KOSHER. This is a reason why many foreign partners seek the company. Sometime, the company does not supply enough high-quality Vietnam products to meet orders of customers in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea. Currently, the West Food Company has planned a strategy to expand areas of operations, diversify industries, intensify investment, and extend the material to meet orders of clients around the world in the near future.

SIAL Paris 2012 entrance

The impressive figures of export turnover as well as development plans on market and materials are also introduced by representatives of many companies. Corporation of vegetables and agricultural products, Vegetexco, shared that annual export sale of frozen products, canned goods are of the company is US $100 million, of which the parent company is about US $20 million, the rest is contributed by the single members. Long Son JSC, a reputable business in the field of exporting cashew nuts created its brand by dint of choosing markets with high quality requirements. Mr. Nguyen Le, Sales Director of the company said it now has stable orders without difficulty when penetrating the European market. On the first day of the fair, the enterprise has signed a contract worth US$ 500 million / year to export cashew nuts to Turkey. The export sale of the company in 2014 is expected to reach US$ 110 million. 

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