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OVOP Vietnam 2014 – new output for handicraft products

Tue, 04 Nov 2014. Last updated Tue, 13 Jan 2015 10:50

Exhibition - Fair of One Village One Product - OVOP Vietnam 2014 taking place at the end of October 2014 creates business opportunities, promotes OVOP movement, and creates output for products in handicraft villages and the development of the villages.

Been implemented since 2012, the "One Village One Product" or OVOP is a movement initiated in Japan since 1979. It now spreads to over 30 countries, contributing to rural economic development and creating jobs for millions of workers through the promotion and marketing of unique products of handicraft villages. With the importance of craft villages, based on experiences gained from the "One Village One Product" movement in Japan and other countries around the world, Hanoi City People's Committee has approved the Program on trade promotion "One Village One Product" to cater for domestic consumption and towards exports in the 2012-2015 period, referred to as the OVOP Hanoi program. OVOP Hanoi is organized to boost Vietnam handicrafts export and domestic consumption, which was implemented since 2012. The trade promotion program has important implications in supporting production and consumption of villages, helping handicraft enterprises in Vietnam to export products to foreign markets and deliver to domestic consumers; thereby, it contributes to the developing villages' strength, economic - social sustainable efficiency.


Artworks on display at OVOP Hanoi 2013


Compared with the previous event, OVOP Vietnam 2014 has many new points, mainly including exhibition, selling, introducing typical commercial products of manufacturing enterprises, import and export businesses, craft villages and artisans throughout the country, particularly OVOP of Hanoi handicraft villages. The exhibition displayed hundreds of products, new designs of firms, artisans of craft villages in Hanoi. There are also sample products of OVOP program assisted by foreign experts in design, typical groups of commodity, and potential groups in tourism development... In particular, Department of Industry and Trade has signed a partnership with the Hanoi Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism in craft village tourism development. So, in OVOP Vietnam 2014, artists have exhibited and introduced several commodity groups having the potential to develop tourism in villages.


Seagrass showroom in OVOP Hanoi


Among Vietnam handicraft products of villages, traditional rattan product lines occupies an important position with a considerable share in exports of handicrafts products in Vietnam in general and in Hanoi in particular. Therefore, the organizers have reserved exhibitions of rattan lines featuring characteristics of provinces across the country. In addition, the exhibition also had showcases of many unique handicraft products of other countries succeeding in branding OVOP in the region and around the world, such as Indonesia, Laos, and Nepal, etc. OVOP Vietnam 2014 attracted nearly 600 international importers to visit and exchange, including many reputable importers with revenue of over US $100 million per year coming from UK, Brazil, US, Japan, and India, etc. Also, there is attendance of many oversea organizations and associations, trade promotion organizations, foreign business associations with representative offices in Vietnam, and supporting business organizations. This is really a great business opportunities for enterprises and craft villages to introduce and advertise OVOP products to foreign partners and to promote growth of Vietnam export.

Over time, Hanoi Department of Industry and Trade has launched trade promotion activities through coordination with other agencies, international organizations, embassies in Hanoi, as well as trade offices of Vietnam in the traditional export markets. Department of Industry and Trade sent thousands of foreign enterprises invitations and brochures of OVOP Vietnam 2014 Expo. The Department particularly emphasizes on introducing and promoting the OVOP Vietnam products of arts and crafts   on mass media domestically and internationally: B2B e-commerce floor, Journals of Japaneses and Australian Gift products, and website of Association of Australian gifts, etc. Hanoi Department of Industry and Trade as well as the center for Trade Promotion creates the most favorable conditions for accommodation, travel, maximum support for sightseeing activities, surveying villages and trade of importers during visiting and working time in Hanoi.

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