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Han River in Da Nang to become a stunning highlight

Wed, 17 Jun 2015. Last updated Fri, 30 Mar 2018 14:47

On two sides of Han River in Da Nang, there will have four developing zones constructed by Jina Architect Company to create a new appearance in the city. Four zones are ecology park zone, dynamic park zone, central park zone, and gate park zone.

On June 12, Party Secretary, Chairman of Da Nang People's Council Tran Tho, Chairman of People's Committee - Huynh Duc Tho, Vice Chairman of People's Committee - Nguyen Ngoc Tuan and leaders of departments, branches and localities had a meeting to review and discuss the overall planning on Han River area implemented by Jina Architects Company. According to the plan, Han River will become a wonderful highlight amid the Da Nang City center.

World-class river

Han River Bridge

That is the ambition of Jina Architects Company in making developing ideas along the banks of Han River in Da Nang. This project will establish an overall planning and direction for the development of the region, making Han River became a landmark and tourist attraction for both domestic and international tourists. According to Jina, the image of a new Da Nang infrastructural system is perceived by five elements, including roads, borders, regions, intersections, and highlights. These factors are compatible with each other, which will create a harmonious city. The reality in Han River shows that the element "road" next to the river with a long and narrow space. No special feature at the intersection is found. In terms of highlights, Han River has Dragon Bridge and the Administration Center. Thus, Jina has a plan of dividing Han River Park in Da Nang into four developing zones, including eco-park, dynamic growth area, central park, and the entrance of the park.

Enormous Dragon Bridge Da Nang

The ecology park zone is planned from Tran Thi Ly Bridge to Dragon Bridge with an immense green space. The west of Tran Thi Ly Bridge and Nguyen Van Troi are arranged with a high fountain in dragon shape and a spring garden. Buildings are constructed with less than 4 floors and limited density in order not to cover the river view. The east of Tran Thi Ly Bridge will have a marina and a square. The dynamic park zone from Dragon Bridge to Han River Bridge will have many utility works as outdoor performing stage, artificial swimming pools, luxury trade centers, restaurants, entertainment and night market... The area from central park zone - from Han River Bridge to old Han River Port will have many interesting ideas such as creating dragon-flake land areas to increase green space, water system to the park on the east bank, wave park in the west of river with open space to Bach Dang Street, and playground for the youth, as well as still the place for international fireworks performances. This is the priority area proposed by Jina to implement the plan. The gate park zone from old Han River Port to Thuan Phuoc Bridge will have a water park which is friendly to the environment. There will be the performances of many events. The highlight of the area is an artificial island.

As representatives of Jina said, all ideas of the project aim to build a green space and relaxation for everyone. It will be the place where people and tourists can escape from the crowded city and enjoy the nature of Da Nang travel. The natural factors would be characteristic elements making up the distinction of Han River. With this master plan of Han River project, Jina increases the green space from 5% to 10%.

Building a heritage for the future

Bach Dang Street in Da Nang

At the meeting, representatives of departments, agencies, and local authorities said that with a strong growth in recent years, the two banks of Han River – one of the most famous attractions in Da Nang has had a spectacular change, contributing to the formation of the urban appearance of Da Nang City. However, it can be easily seen that there is a lack of consistency and unity in the process of planning and controlling the urban development, making landscape on two riversides gradually heterogeneous, threatening the sustainable development of the city. Therefore, the organization of the planning area along the two banks of Han River is a necessary work to deploy early before it becomes fragmented sector projects. It will be difficult for the removal and clearing later.

Da Nang City

Mr. Vu Quang Hung, Deputy Director of the Department of Construction said that the plan of Jina is made based on information provided by the City's Department of Building and Planning Institute. In which, there are built projects, projects allocated to investors, and some other plans. So, it is quite consistent with the current state of Han River. Vice Chairman - Nguyen Ngoc Tuan also said that the plan was split into 4 development zones is reasonable. This area was built with daring ideas, created the excitement and highlight for the river, creating attractive space to appeal investors in the development of Da Nang tourism. According to the Vice President, the consultant should have evaluation about the impact on the environment, flow, especially for the construction sector heading to the river. In the central area, there must be a separate place for fireworks performances, stands, and traffic... Mr. Tran Tho ordered the Department of Construction to coordinate with the consulting units to complete the plan. After receiving the opinions, city's leaders will consider, discuss and approve to implement.

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