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Da Nang International Marathon 2014 to be launched

Thu, 21 Aug 2014. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:47

On morning August 31, 2014 at Da Nang Eastern Sea Park, the Da Nang International Marathon 2014 will be officially launched for the second time. The competition is considered the meeting point of conquering beautiful stretch of road in Da Nang City.

In the second Da Nang International Marathon 2014, there are nearly 500 athletes from 27 countries and territories registering to participate, including 113 athletes participating in marathon, 187 athletes joining half marathon, and 196 athletes participating in 5-km fun run. The number of participants rises significantly in compared with that in 2013 (390 athletes from 25 countries and territories). In this competition, Da Nang is honored to become the 97th member of Association of International Marathons and Distance Races (AIMS) Achievements of athletes will be recognized by AIMS, and the athletes will use these achievements to join the famous global marathons competitions.


Logo of Da Nang International Marathon


Mr. Nguyen Trong Thao, Chief of Sports Operations under the Department of Culture - Sports - Tourism said, “municipal People's Committee has a formal written approval consenting for World Marathon Co. Inc. (headquartered in Houston, Texas, USA) as the organizer of Da Nang International Marathon in 5 years (since 2014). The competition will be held on the first Sunday, before the eve of Vietnam National Day 2-9 annually.” The 2014 competition is held in the cooperation of Da Nang City, World Marathon Company and Active Pulse Company. The major sponsor is bottled mineral water brand - LaVie.

Da Nang International Marathon is the first professional marathon contest in Vietnam. With the second competition, Da Nang becomes the 97th member of AIMS. This competition is also listed in other contests of AIMS. This 2014 competition is expected to have about 4,200 professional and semi-professionals athletes from all provinces in the country and 27 countries / territories. The distance races of Da Nang International Marathon 2014 are measured and certified by International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) and AIMS with 3 main content corresponding to 3 distances: 42,195-km marathon , 21,0795-km half marathon, and 5-km fun run movement.


Athletes in Da Nang Marathon 2013


Besides, the organizing committee also organizes many ancillary activities with the following topics: “Tourism Promotion”, "Music and Culture", "Health and Physics" to promulgate the image of Da Nang tourism to the whole world. Many complementary activities within the framework of the competition take place from 28 - 31/8 in the Eastern Sea Park such as tours gala dinner, exhibitions, fairs… These activities are intended to introduce, promote the image of Da Nang people, Da Nang tourism in particular and Vietnam in general to athletes and tourists from other countries around the world to participate and cheer this competition.

The Da Nang International Marathon 2014 will be a bridge connecting sports in general and marathon of Vietnam in particular. This will help Vietnam keep pace with international marathon, bring Vietnam culture to the global community, and vice versa, also support and encourage the spirit of sports, build a healthy life, civilization, open opportunities to promote tourism, local culture to numerous tourists and athletes in the world.

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