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Vietnam Mountain Marathon to promote Vietnam tourism

Fri, 27 Jun 2014. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:45

With the attendance of nearly 500 athletes from 40 countries in the world, Vietnam Mountain Marathon 2014 will be the biggest international event of marathon until now.

Vietnam Mountain Marathon 2014 is organized by the Embassy of Denmark and a green tourism company Topas Ecolodge. The contest was firstly held in 2013 with three trail runs including 21 kilometers, 42 kilometers and 70 kilometers. Although it was the first time the contest held, it achieved a great success. To continue the success, on May 26, 2014, the Embassy of Denmark pressed conference to publish the information of the second Vietnam Mountain Marathon. The event is expected to take place in two days from September 20 to September 21, 2014 on the beautiful mountainous areas of Sapa (Lao Cai). Signup ends August 20th or when fully booked.


Vietnam Mountain Marathon 2014


The program is sponsored by the world leading Danish pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk, the Vietnamese Association of Diabetes and Endocrinology (VADE) with the subject of “Changing diabetes”. The Danish Ambassador, Mr.  John Nielsen is an experienced marathon runner, will also take part in the race. He was one of participants in the first Vietnam Mountain Marathon held in 2013. He shared about the first mountain marathon 2013 in Vietnam with a big smile on his face: “Vietnam Mountain Marathon is a spectacular, unique and breathtaking experience”.

Vietnam Mountain Marathon 2014 will consist of four trail runs of 10 kilometers (Sapa Mountain Run), 21 kilometers (Half Marathon), 42 kilometers (Marathon) and 70 kilometers (Ultra marathon). The contest is organized on racing tracks, which are small dirt roads and perched trails. Runners do marathon on these roads having a chance to see stunning mountains and valleys. Besides, at aid stations every 10-15 kilometers, runners will be provided with water and fruits.


Athletes in Vietnam Mountain Marathon


Vietnam Mountain Marathon 2014 has one more range to attract more Vietnamese people to participate in. “The introduction of one more range of 10 km aims to encourage Vietnamese citizens to join in the game. We realize that jogging movement in Vietnam has not been developed. Hence, this is a great opportunity to promote the movement”, Mr.  John Nielsen spoke. The range of 10 km will be organized on September 21, 2014 with the value of the first prize is 200 dollars. Each athlete will support $20 in the amount of participating fee for a charity organization in Sapa named “Sapa O’Chau”. This organization supports education for young ethnic minority group who have no conditions to finish their education.

According to Mr. John Nielsen, Vietnam Mountain Marathon is to promote Vietnam tourism. In details, the program aims to promote the beauty of Vietnam nature and share positive energy from meeting of many countries and many cultures in the race. Besides, healthy living rituals are also emphasized through the event. And what’s more, the other important thing is to support to Sapa communities.

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