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Vietnam enterprises promoting trade in France

Fri, 27 Jun 2014. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:45

On June 23rd, a delegation of representatives of Vietnam enterprises has a meeting with French counterparts to introduce and promote Vietnam market as well as to seek for business opportunities in France.

The meeting is held by the Department of Trade Promotion, under the Ministry of Industry and Trade, in collaboration with Development Agency of Val de Marne of France. There are many large corporations of Vietnam participating in the meeting such as Textile and Garment Group, Coal and Mineral Group, Saigon Beer Alcohol Beverage Joint Stock Corporation, Vietnam Electrical Equipment Corporation, Nha Be Garment Corporation,…

At the meeting, Mr. Bui Huy Son, Director of Trade Promotion Department has introduced some Vietnamese export products. Simultaneously, Son also helped French enterprises learning more about legal procedures and business opportunities in Vietnam. He added that these days in Vietnam there was an increased demand for modern machineries and equipment for development purpose, which Vietnam believed that France was one of the best suppliers.


French-Vietnamese enterprises forum


In talk to reporters, Son said that this activity is included in a series of activities sponsored by the Ministry of Industry and Trade aiming to assist domestic enterprises in boosting export, especially items that Vietnam has advantages. Accordingly, France is the top prior market in European Union countries for export products of Vietnam. By 2013, two-way trade turnover has reached 3.5 billion euro, of which Vietnam export turnover is over 2 billion euro. Currently, the majority of categories exporting from Vietnam to France are textile, fisheries, especially machinery and electronic components.  

According to Son, French markets have certain advantages that Vietnamese investors are interested in, especially stable and transparent policies. France is not only a developed industrial country but also a large market with over 65 million consumes. France is an important gateway for Vietnam to approach other countries in European region. Son has expressed his It is expected that after Vietnam and EU sign Free Trade Agreement (FTA) by the end of the year, there will be more advantages and opportunities for Vietnam cooperating with France. Also at the meeting, representatives of Val de Marne Province have introduced the competitive advantages and financial strength of local businesses as well as strengths in infrastructure and legitimate incentives of Val de Marne for foreign enterprises to invest and implement collaborative projects.


French enterprises seek partners in Vietnam


On this occasion, Mr. Jacques Fourvel, representatives of the Casino Group, based in Val de Marne, has expressed his satisfaction of the success of Big C supermarket chain invested by the Group. He has added that Casino Group is constructing projects to expand investment in Vietnam and willing to import Vietnamese products to distribute in retail system of Casino worldwide.

During the meeting, two-side enterprises have shared information in order to understand the customer’s needs and the ability to penetrate into new markets. Thereof the diplomatic relation of Vietnam and France becomes tighter.

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