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Bach Dang Bridge in Quang Ninh to be built

Mon, 26 Jan 2015. Last updated Mon, 01 Jun 2015 14:19

Bach Dang Bridge construction inauguration is another phase in project of Halong Haiphong Highway. The Bach Dang Bridge will contribute to the development of the city in particular and the region in general.

In the jubilant atmosphere of welcoming the 85th anniversary of Vietnam Party Establishment (3-2-1930), Quang Ninh people will have more fun, which is the project for construction of Bach Dang Bridge, leading paths and intersections. The project started on January 25. This project is a significant and important to Quang Ninh province, contributing to the complement dynamic connections of economic regions in the North (Hanoi - Hai Phong - Quang Ninh), and finish of the axis highways along the coastal area in the north.

Quang Ninh, Hai Phong and Hanoi is centrally identified as the "kernel" of key economic region of Tonkin. With outstanding advantages and preferential of the nature, Quang Ninh also located in the area of development cooperation of "Vietnam - China two corridors, one economic belt". The province has many convenient locations for the development of deep-water seaport system, receiving large ships, and meeting the demand for goods traffic among provinces. However, years ago, transport infrastructure in Quang Ninh also revealed many inadequacies and downright difficult. That made the circulation of goods delayed, increase in import costs, and reduction in competitiveness, which has created a "bottleneck" in economic and society development in general investment in particular.


Prime Minister speaks at the ceremony


With the attention of the Party and government, in 2008 Quang Ninh proposed report to the Prime Minister on the investment policy on Expressway connecting Halong City  and Ha Noi - Haiphong Highway. This will be one of many important transport infrastructure projects with meaningful impetus for the development of transport infrastructure systems. It is not meaningful to of the province's but also Vietnam infrastructure system. Quang Ninh's efforts in implementing a highway linking Halong City and Hanoi - Haiphong was proved by the approval of Government to split the project into two independent projects, investing in many different forms. Including Project for line connecting Halong City and Bach Dang Bridge is designed for a standard of 4-lane highway, with the length of19.8km, and the total investment of 6,400 billion dong from the provincial budget. This project is the first motorway to be delivered by the government to provincial management as an investor and proactively allocating funds. Also, it is the largest investment capital ever that Quang Ninh uses for a transportation project.

To prepare for the start of the project, Quang Ninh Province was particularly supported and guided in removing difficulties and urged early to inaugurate. Along with, there is the tightly coordination of central branches, including the close collaboration of Hai Phong in removing obstacles for the province.  Quang Ninh also actively promoted, implemented, and selected qualified experienced investors to embark on the construction of this important project.

According to experts, the highway of Halong - Haiphong, and especially Bach Dang Bridge will open the door of new development wider not only for Quang Ninh, but also for provinces in the region with in all fields of economics and society. According to the calculations when the project is completed, it will shorten the distance from Halong City to Hanoi (180km to 130km), reduce driving time from 3.5 hours to 1.5 hours. The distance from Haiphong to Halong reduces from 75km to 25km. In the near future, the route will continue to be extended to Mong Cai international border, promoting Vietnam economic development in northern area. At the same time, the project will be a factor increasing the attractiveness for investment in Quang Ninh, contributing to the development of Van Don SEZs in the future, Mong Cai economic development zone, and Dam Nha Mac industrial and service area as the gateway to trade with China. For many travel businesses, this will be extended condition for travel and tourism in Quang Ninh and domestic travel to develop. It will reduce travel time, and tours will have the opportunity to select multiple travel options with different routes.


Map of Hanoi - Haiphong and Halong - Mong Cai project


In addition, the completion of the project will create favorable conditions for the units, enterprises in Vietnam specializing in the field of import and export through border gates in Quang Ninh, especially businesses temporarily importing and re-exporting, with the main port of Haiphong Port. Obviously, with the start of the project for  Ha Long - Hai Phong highway and Bach Dang Bridge will add impetus to the stronger development of Quang Ninh. Through this event, once again it confirms effort and determination of the Vietnam Party, government and people of Quang Ninh province for the development of the province.

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