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The 9000th Airbus aircraft joined Vietjet fleet

Wed, 25 Mar 2015. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 09:03

The first Airbus A321 of Vietjet fleet came to Vietnam at Tan Son Nhat Airport. This is also the 9,000th airplanes manufactured by Airbus, one of two leading aircraft manufacturers in the world. The aircraft has advantages of saving fuel and cost.

Recently, Vietjet fleet has welcomed the 9,000th aircraft of Airbus. Airbus - one of two leading aircraft manufacturers in the world has already marked a new milestone in its business with the 9000th aircraft. A321 aircraft painted with the symbol of "Airbus 9000th Aircraft" landed at Tan Son Nhat International Airport at 14:30 on March 22. Bringing the number of VN-A651, this is the first A321 airplane of VietJet. On March 20, in Hamburg (Germany), Airbus held a celebration of welcoming the 9,000th aircraft since the first one born in 1974. The milestone of 9,000 came just after 2 years when the manufacturer published the 8,000th aircraft. Airbus shared that its productivity especially increased in recent 10 years due to the increasing demand. Currently, Airbus transfers 600 aircrafts every year, double compared to that of 10 years ago. Before receiving the A321 aircraft, Vietjet is "loyal" to aircrafts of A320 to save cost of operation and maintenance. CEO of Vietjet, Mr. Luu Duc Khanh said the A321 was used to develop business model in Asia-Pacific. Vietjet currently has 22 A320 aircrafts performing 150 flights per day. 


Ceremony of welcoming New A321 Airfcraft of Vietjet


The aircraft of VietJet is sponsored by BNP Paribas Bank (France) with payment capital, and Jackson Square Corporation (Japan) financing for leasing. In total, the airlines ordered seven A321s. This type of aircraft has a larger body than that of A320 with 220 seats, wider cabin and aisles. Signing a contract of Vietjet aircraft orders for leasing and purchasing nearly 100 Airbus planes in 2013, Vietjet received 5 aircrafts. Previously, aircraft handover ceremony was held solemnly in Hamburg (Germany) with the presence of Vice President of Airbus - Mr. Nico Petersen and Vietnam Embassy in Germany, Mrs. Nguyen Thi Hoang Anh. The Vietjet new aircraft is an A321ceo Sharklets which is the latest generation of narrow-body Airbus aircraft with 220 seats, which helps to save fuel, reduce emissions and noise to a minimum level. The new A321 possesses a wide cabin which offers the highest comfort to passengers; wide aisles help passengers easily move in cabins. The additional Airbus A321 - new generation and modern, brings Vietjet fleet to 23 aircrafts, which contributes to improvement of the quality of passenger service and plans of exploit longer routes to Korea, Japan and Asia - Pacific. The event of receiving first A321 aircraft owned by Vietjet hit an important milestone for the strategic development in the business of Vietjet after more than three years of formal operation.


First A321 aircrafts of Vietjet


After the development efforts of the company's business activities, Vietjet has become one of airlines playing an important role in Vietnam aviation market. Since then, with the goal of sustainable development, VietJet owns a fleet of new aircrafts, which makes the airline not just be proactive in terms of cost, but also reduce airfares to bring more opportunities for passengers, and develop and expand strategic business development in investment plan and its exploitation, contributing to the development of Vietnam aviation and other region. Mr. John Leahy, Executive Officer, in charge of Airbus customers said, "We are honored to hand over the 9,000th aircraft to Vietjet, a rising star in Asia with fast growth. The new A321allows Vietjet to increase the exploiting capacity on popular routes while benefiting from the lowest operating costs compared to any single-aisle aircraft."

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