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Vietnam ICT Development Index achieves big steps

Sat, 19 Jul 2014. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:46

In 2013, Vietnam ICT Development Index ranked the 81th position in comparison to 161 countries in the world. The e-Government ranking in 2014 rose three grades compared to the previous year.

In the e-government, conference 2014 held in Da Nang on July 17, the International Data Group Vietnam (IDG Vietnam) announced that according to the information security report of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in 2013, ICT Development Index in Vietnam ranked 81/161. In comparison to the Southeast Asia countries, Vietnam ranked the fourth position. The first, second and third position belong to Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore. In addition, Vietnam ranked 12/27 compared to other nations in the Asia - Pacific region. The enhancement of ICT infrastructure has contributed a lot to promote Vietnam e-government.


ICT infrastructure promotes Vietnam e-government


In the first six months in 2014, the roadmap for the development of the intelligent public services has made some significant strides. Typically, in March 2014, Hanoi police implemented the online testing system of providing passports. According to the statistics, the registration dossier's rate increased from 30% to nearly 70% in six months. Ministry of Finance has issued a plan of simplifying the administrative procedures and databases related to population management in a period of 2013 - 2020. The objectives of the plan are to fully and accurately systematize the administrative procedures and database related to population in the jurisdiction of Ministry of Finance. At the same time, the Ministry also accelerate the application of information technology in systematize, managing and using the database related to the population. It is expected that in 2020, the administrative procedures will be resolved through the exploitation of online information.


Vietnam ICT updated to catch up with global development


According to IDG, in May, 2014, e-government Institute at Waseda University  (Tokyo) is in collaboration with the International Academy of CIO (IAC) published the result of e-Government Ranking survey in 2014. Accordingly, Vietnam ranked the 34th position in 61 countries, increased 3 grades in comparison to 2013. The evaluation of ICT Development Index was basing on nine criteria including strong infrastructure network, efficient management, application of online services, electronic government portal, IT Director in Government, activities promoting e-government, online support and government cyber security.

Mr. Vu Hoang Lien, Chairman of Vietnam Internet Association (VIA) and Director of Vietnam Data Communication Company said that to make Vietnam has the strong ICT Development Index; the country has to promote both consumption and production. The promotion of consumption will have a strong impact on strengthening IT products manufacture. Especially, the e-Government has an important role in the enhancement of Vietnam information technology. E-Government plays an important role in the effective state management and the stimulus of production and consumption.

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