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BKAV releases the 1st cyber security training program in Vietnam

Fri, 15 May 2015. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 09:06

On May 12, BKAV Internet Security Company released BCSE WhiteHat - the first cyber security training program in Vietnam at the website This is the first Internet security training program in cyber form in Vietnam.

The first cyber security training program in Vietnam facilitates thousands of learners to participate at the same time. Bkav, simultaneously, launched BCSE WhiteHat - cyber security training program in English and opened the first course for cyber security learners from Cuba. Mr. Ngo Tuan Anh, Vice Chairman of Bkav cyber security said that the global cyber security is more complicated with higher frequency of serious attacks. In Vietnam, since early 2015, there are 2,460 website of agencies and enterprises penetrated. Meanwhile, the cyber security experts in Vietnam are not good enough.


WhiteHat Forum in Vietnam


BCSE WhiteHat course provides a professional cyber management with essential knowledge about cyber security, which creates an important premise for learners to become cyber security experts. Learners have a chance to access comprehensive knowledge on Internet security, from designing cyber security, analyzing forms of attacks and preventions to mechanism and ways to recognize poisonous codes, and safe software developing progress. Each course lasts for two months. The research of BKAV in 2014 showed that there were up to 40% websites of important agencies and big enterprises in Vietnam having holes. One of reasons for the situation is the lack of checking and evaluating, as well as experiences on safe programming. In order to strengthen the force of cyber security in Vietnam, Bkav will present scholarships of BCSE WhiteHat for Departments of Information and Communication of 63 provinces and cities, along with all businesses in scales of 1,000 computers and above. These are units ensuring the significant impact on national security. The units eligible for the scholarship may register at the address of; the registration deadline is prior to May 31.

Bkav also provides free testing programs for all people who are in favor of cyber security at Bkav is a technology group operating in the field of Internet security, software, e-government, and manufacturer of intelligent electronic devices and provider of cloud computing service. Bkav is one of the 10 most famous brands in Vietnam voted by the Vietnam Intellectual Property, and listed in the Top 10 Excellent Services voted by Vietnam Standard & Consumers Association. This gradually affirms that the position of Vietnam technology is on the rise in world market.


Bkav Pro Internet Security


Bkav is the first business in Vietnam entering the list of Cool Vendors in emerging markets worldwide, released by Gartner, a world leading IT consulting firm. The company established Bkav Singapore and Bkav USA located in Silicon Valley, Mountain View, in California - USA. For years, Bkav virus software was voted as the most popular safe information product. The company was awarded the Cup of Vietnamese brands in two consecutive years. In the domestic market, the software of Bkav surpasses other foreign antivirus softwares. 73.95% of businesse choose to use. (According to the rankings of the most popular software - Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry), the founder of Bkav, Mr. Nguyen Tu Quang is the Chairman of Board of Directors, as well as CEO. In 2012, he was honored to be the pioneer establishing the foundation for the field of network security in Vietnam. Previously, the journalist association voted Mr. Nguyen Tu Quang as one of 10 Vietnamese ICT characters in the period from 2000-2010.

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