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International Artistic Photo Contest 2015 in Vietnam launched

Thu, 28 May 2015. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 09:07

The 8th International Artistic Photo Contest in Vietnam is calling for the participation of all over the world photographers. This is a good chance for photographers in Vienam to express their talent, exchange and improve their skills.

A few days ago, at the Center for Archives and Exhibition of Vietnam Artistic Photos, the ceremony of the 8th International Artistic Photo Contest in Vietnam in 2015 was launched. This is an international event held every two years under the auspices of the Federation of International Artistic Photography (FIAP - No.: 2015/256) and Image Sans Frontiere (Image Without Frontier) (ISF - No.: 132/2015). All photographers in the world have a right to participate in the photo contest with the theme of four contents, for both color and monochrome images: Free content: Images in the Free content in this contest belong to all kinds, themes, with various forms, and ways to express. Women and Work content: Photos in the content describe the image of women in the world, and their daily work. The decent images are not pieced, edited or changed their origins. Sublimation Content: Images in the Sublimation Content describe the beauty of the nature the surrounding area as real as possible, the beauty of a unique and subtle action with creating emotional content. The decent images are not pieced, edited or changed their origins. Still Life Content: Photos in the Still Life Content of this competition depict objects attached to human life, bring artistic intention to highlight ideological content, give viewers a certain feeling of humanism, and society... 


Photo Elephant racing of Tran Phong Photographer


This is a big chance for Vietnamese photographers to exchange and improve their knowledge. The entries must be in the form of digital images, image in jpg format files with a resolution of 300dpi. The minimum size of length is 1800 pixels. The file size does not exceed 5MB, (size of images sent via the website of the competition does not depend on this rule). Simultaneously, the image never takes part in a contest, or is displayed in an international content with the signal of VN(...) or national contest held by Vietnam Association of Photography Artists in Vietnam previously. It is expected the awards and opening ceremony of the 8th International Artistic Photo Exhibition in Hanoi will take place in early next December. Mr. Bui Hoa Tien, Vice Chairman of Vietnam Association of Photography Artists announced the rules of this contest. There are four topics, including Free, Women and Work, Sublimation, and Still Life. Each photographer can take part in with four photos for each content. Participants in this Vietnam International Photo Contest are both domestic and international photographers. Participants can send their photos from May 25 to the end of September 15. Images will be marked from 1 to 15 of October. The result will be announced on October 20. The photos in this contest will be displayed at the beginning of December on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of Vietnam Association Photography Artists (December 8).


Vietnam Heritage Photos Exhibition in Hanoi


Mr. Vu Quoc Khanh, Chairman of Vietnam Association Photography Artists said that over eight times of holding the International Artistic Photo Contest, Vietnam Association Photography Artists integrated more in the global photography. This is a chance for Vietnamese artists to improve their knowledge, upgrade the latest trend, and absorb the subtlety of photography to raise the photography in Vietnam to a new level. The closing ceremony and exhibition of the contest will be organized on the 50th anniversary of the establishment of Vietnam Association of Photography Artists. It is also a chance for the association to recognize, evaluate the past journey and determine the next direction. Mr. Vu Quoc Khanh said that the periodical international artistic photo contest usually has the best photo collection, which confirms the quality of the competition.

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