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Vietnam Italy Exhibition: Colori Distanti

Fri, 14 Nov 2014. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:55

In the framework of the Italy - Vietnam 2014 program, the Embassy of Italy organizes Vietnam Italy Exhibition: Colori Distanti of Italian photographer, Maurizio Cofini on 14/11 in Hanoi. The event is expected to bring great and meaningful moments.

Vietnam Italy Exhibition: "Colori Distanti" of photographer, Maurizio Cofini will take place at 17:30 on November 14, at 18 Le Phung Hieu Street, Hanoi. The venue of the event is at the Italian cultural and brand center - La Dante Alighieri Ha Noi. As of todays, there are 500 centers of Dante Alighieri are established in the world. All of them operate individually on the same mission: Populate Italian language and culture through Italian language courses, conferences, thematic seminars, exhibitions of artworks, books, publications and many rich and useful art and cultural activities. The Colori Distanti Exhibition in Hanoi is a great chance for Vietnamese people to understand more about the culture of Italy.

Founded in 1994 with the help of the Vietnam - Italy Friendship Association and the Italian Embassy in Hanoi, Le Dante Alighieri Hanoi Center has organized Italian language courses since 2000. By 2005, the center has its own headquarters. Here, students and lovers of Italian Culture and Language can immerse in a cultural and artistic space with featuring Italian colors and tonal - "Small space but great meaning"- as stated by the Ambassador Matacotta - "because it was established by the heart of volunteers with the help of philanthropists and Vietnam - Italy Friendship Association and the Embassy of Italy in Vietnam". Organizers said that the exhibition will introduce the picture works to the public. These photos are swirls of colors, blur of light and shadow, the interference of cultural flows expressing feelings and love of artists to two countries, Vietnam and Italy.


Mosaico d immagini. Vietnam e Angkor


Cofini, with a unique and passionate way of expression, gives the public a message: In spite of geographical distant, but Italy and Vietnam have many similarities in culture and beauty. Earlier, the exhibition "Colori Distanti" was held in Rome, 2009. In 2010, he made an exhibition about Vietnam and Cambodia, entitled "Mosaico d’immagini. Vietnam e Angkor". Publisher Anicia in Italy has published the book of his photos with the same title in March 5/2010. Since late 2009, Cofini collaboration with the magazine "Beautiful Architecture" of Vietnam, in which some of his photos published in the journal, will also be displayed in the exhibition. Currently, he is collaborating with Le Clic Photography Company.

Born in 1956 in Rome, Maurizio Cofini started his photography business since 1979, specializing in the field of application for the stage, and reportages on ethnicity and geography. He has won numerous prizes for photography in Italy. Cofini is a passionate and enthusiastic journalist. For many years, he continuously works on the Far East region, and especially in Southeast Asia. After each trip, he returned with a rich snapshots filled with feelings and emotions. The exhibition takes place within the framework of the "Italy-Vietnam 2014" by the Italian Embassy in Vietnam held.


Bella Italia - Exploring Italian Culture Contest


In the framework of Italian Week XIV in the world being organized in Hanoi from October 23-30, Italian Embassy in Vietnam held a series of public events to help Vietnamese understanding more about Italian culture and language, at the same time create opportunities for connections and potentials between the two countries. The embassy's representative said that all events were held at the Center for Culture and Brand Italy (Casa Italia), at 18 Le Phung Hieu, Hanoi. The two events are Opening Milan photo exhibition called "Milan- Reading Corner" and seminar with the theme "E-book and New Horizons in publishing". Italy - Vietnam experiences comparison" took place on 17 to 30 hours on October 23.

Exhibitions about Milan City where EXPO 2015 (one of the important international event with the theme "Feeding the planet-Energy for Life") will take place, not only is the locomotive Italy's economy, but also a famous cultural site. Here, there are headquarters of hundreds of large countries as well as home to some world-famous writers. The photographs on display in the exhibition will illustrate the most famous landmarks of the city and their significance in the cultural life of the country. The exhibition ended on October 30. Also, during the opening ceremony of the seminar on the future topic of publishing in the age of e-books, Italy's experience in this field was compared to that of Vietnam, in order to grasp the development direction of feasibility as well as a general discussion of the tools to disseminate these ideas. Presiding over the seminar is the Italian Ambassador in Vietnam, Mr Lorenzo Angeloni. Then, on 27/10, the organizers also introduced Vietnamese translation book, "I'm not scared" by Niccolò Ammaniti which is a popular book has in Italy and made into a movie. The last event in October 30 is introducing the first textbook of Italian Language for Vietnamese people, and Italian Literature textbook for students and those who love Italian language in Vietnam.

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