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Kenya Airways opens 1st direct Vietnam - Africa route

Fri, 03 Apr 2015. Last updated Tue, 07 Aug 2018 14:50

Kenya Airways officially announced the schedules of flights from Kanya to Hanoi. The new Vietnam - Africa route will bring Africa closer to Vietnam. This is the first airline opening direct route connecting Vietnam and Africa.

According to the information from Kenya Airways provided by Mr. Mbuvi Ngunze - CEO of Kenya Airways, the airline will have three flights to Hanoi (Noi Bai International Airport) per week by Boeing 787-800 in the Vietnam - Kenya route. The opening of new Hanoi - Kenya flights is in the strategic plan of Kenya Airways to connect Africa and Asia. Mr. Mbuvi Ngunze shared that Vietnam was having a stable economic development with significant growth rates in recent years, including commercial growth with Africa. The opening of the 1st direct flights Hanoi - Nairobi, Kenya will be a leaver for the development. Being the first airline operating direct flights between Vietnam and Africa, Kenya Airways acknowledges its mission and promises to tighten the relations between African countries and Asian countries.

Press conference on 1st direct Vietnam - Africa route

To support and develop the route, Kenya Airways will coordinate tightly with Vietnam Airlines (member of SkyTeam) towards serving further routes to Asian countries such as Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, and China. It takes 4 years to analyze the route. Kenya Airways assesses that with the population of 7 million and the average income of over 3,000 USD per capita, Hanoi residents have demands of exploring new tourist destinations such as Africa. Vietnam is on the line of rapid development and integration. Thus, the opening of direct route will help economies explore great commercial opportunities. Mr. Ngunze said that Vietnam was one of new destinations for African businessmen, not China; thus, this is an attractive trade route. He also added that there were great attentions to the route, especially between Angola and Vietnam, as it had a big labor movement. Mrs. Diana Kiambuthi, interim representative of Kenya Embassy confirmed that the new route will be catalysts to promote tourism, business, and open more trading chances between two sides. Although Vietnam and Kenya have been cooperating for 20 years, the trade turnover between two countries has not been worthy. By dint of the new route, she hoped that businessmen will have more chances to seek partners.

Kenya Airways - Boeing 787

The representative of Kenya Embassy said that when investing, distance was an important factor, and now it was more convenient. Kenya is cooperating with Vietnam to promote cooperative agreements, to create investing opportunities for two sides. Meanwhile, Mr. Ngunze said that time is very important to businessmen. Saving time to move from one place to another will be a motivation to attract more businessmen to the continent, opening more opportunities between two countries. Representative of Kenya Airways also expected that with the new flights to Hanoi, the proportion of revenue from the Asian market will rise to 10%, beside 25% from US and EU, and 60% from Africa. Kenya Airways was established in 1977. It has been transporting for over 3 million of passengers each year. Direct flights to Hanoi by Boeing 787 are the 52th destination of the airline. Direct route between Hanoi and Nairobi will play an important role in the development of Africa and Vietnam tourism, along with opening new trading opportunities between two countries.

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