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Unilateral Vietnam visa exemption for 7 countries

Wed, 31 Dec 2014. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:57

From January 1st in 2015, unilateral Vietnam visa exemption for ordinary passport holders of 7 countries will be implemented. Citizens of Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Japan, Korea, and Russia will be exempted for 15 days at most.

From January 1st, 2015, the Law on entry, exit, transit and residence of foreigners in Vietnam will officially take effect, with more new contents than the previous Ordinance. Accordingly, seven countries in unilateral Vietnam visa exemption for ordinary passport holders are Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Japan, Korea, and Russia with the maximum length of stay of 15 days. For the first time, administrative procedures which are stipulated in the guidelines under Vietnam law were specified. It can be easily done without other guidelines. This is a very convenient point and expresses high administration reform.

Immigration Department (Ministry of Public Security) has organized the training conference on Law on entry, exit, transit and residence of foreigners in Vietnam for Immigration agencies in southern provinces. The motto is to create favorable conditions and maximum transparency in resolving administrative procedures on immigration for foreigners wishing to enter Vietnam, which promotes foreign investment in Vietnam and tighten management of foreign residence in Vietnam.


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Many new contents of the Immigration Law on foreigners in Vietnam 2014 include the duration of Vietnam visa may be granted up to 5 years for investors (previously, 12 months at most); duration of card for Vietnam temporary residence up to 5 years (3 years in the previous regulation). In particular, the provisions were amended tighter as: from the date of January 1st, 2015, Vietnam visa for foreigners does not change purposes, visa has a valid of single entry or multiple entry, depending on the purpose of entry. Notably, the new law will extend temporary residence card for foreign investors and foreign lawyers in Vietnam, and ease the conditions of entry for citizens of certain countries. According to the evaluation, the new law with the simplified procedure will create favorable conditions for Vietnam foreign entry, exit and residence; simultaneously meet the requirements of national security and the maintenance of social order and safety.


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Also, it does be allowed to convert the purpose of the visa, Vietnam temporary residence for Vietnamese with foreign passport visiting relatives in Vietnam raised up to 6 months (compared to 3 months in old rule). Vietnam visa exemption for foreigners can be conducted at the border gates, special economic-administrative units. Foreigners exempted from unilateral visa for Vietnam will enter Vietnam in different periods with time between 2 entries of at least 30 days.

In addition, Extending area of issuing Vietnam visa at the border gate and shortening time applying for permanent residence will be changed. Vietnam permanent residence card will be renewed after 10 years (not 3 years as the previous law). According to statistics, in 2014 Vietnam welcomed nearly 7 million foreigners, Vietnamese residing abroad enter Vietnam with different purposes such as trade, investment, visiting relatives, travel, study..., increasing of 5.7% compared with 2013. Besides, Vietnam also joined the bilaterally visa-free agreement with 80 countries for diplomatic and public duty passport holders. Bilateral visa exemption for ordinary passport holders with the ASEAN countries for stays of 30 days (except 14 days for Brunei and 21 days for the Philippines).

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