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Vietnam National Day 2014 full of exciting activities

Wed, 03 Sep 2014. Last updated Fri, 08 May 2015 13:03

In these days, all over the country and many oversea places where there were many exciting and practical activities to hold the 69th celebration of the victory in August Revolution and Vietnam National Day.

Tra Vinh women memorize Uncle Ho

The ceremony is held by Tra Vinh Women Union

To welcome Vietnam National Day, on morning 2-9, at President Ho Chi Minh Temple in Long Duc Commune of Tra Vinh City, Tra Vinh Provincial Women's Union held a solemn memorial offering incense ceremony to announce the results of following the moral example of Ho Chi Minh's cadres. The Chairman of Tra Vinh provincial Women's Union reviewed simmering atmosphere of the revolution in August of 69 years ago. Millions of people and elite women across the country were eager to participate in the revolutionary movement, contribute greatly to the general uprising to seize power on August 28, 1945.

In addition, the chairman reviewed the results of studying and following the cadres of Ho Chi Minh. Over the years, hundreds of Union’s officers, members and women in Tra Vinh joined a large number of movements: practice savings, "love rice jar", women in economic activities, women's capital contribution to purchase housing, essential family facilities, to sponsor poor but studious students... By dint of these models, millions of poor households overcame difficulties and had a better life. At the ceremony, the provincial Women's Union continued to call for all officers and members in the province actively to participate in the movement, to study and follow the moral example of Ho Chi Minh President, in the spirit of Directive 03 CT / TW of the Politburo with five specific contents.

Boat racing festivals in Central Vietnam

Marking the 69th celebration of August Revolution and Independence Day of Vietnam, on September 2nd, in Le Thuy District (Quang Binh), a traditional boat racing festival was celebrated on Kien Giang River with the cheer of more than a thousand of local people and visitors. The festival in Quang Binh was lively shown on Radio and Television of Quang Binh - QBTV, and through Radio and Television channels of 24 provinces and cities nationwide. Before the opening ceremony of this festival, the authorities of Le Thuy District offered incense at the memorial house of General Vo Nguyen Giap and Tomb of Nguyen Huu Canh who made great contribution to the southward expansion.

Racing boat on Kien Giang River

Joining the traditional boat racing festival, there are 22 male teams and 8 female ones with more than 1,000 athletes. After launching the ceremony, all boats paraded on Kien Giang River to show of forces and uphold the martial spirit of local people in the homeland of General Vo Nguyen Giap, in the occasion of Vietnam Independence Day. Twenty-two male boats were divided into two parts: part A (12 boats), and part B (10 boats). The racing route is 24 km for man, and 18 km for women. After an exciting competition of high determination and outstanding breakthroughs in the cheers of more than a thousand spectators, the festival ended excitingly. The committee awarded the first prize to Thuong Phong Village, the second one to An Xa Village, and the third one to Dai Phong Village.

On morning September 2, the Lam Dong Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism held water bike racing (pedalo) on Xuan Huong Lake to celebrate the National Day. The race gathered 76 couples, including tourists and local youth. Water bike racing becomes a unique culture, which is held regularly in festivals in Dalat, attracting a large number of tourists and local people. Besides, a boat racing on Perfume River was organized on this day. The Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism in Hue held the 26th boat racing festival on Perfumer River. The festival appealed more than 250 athletes of 16 teams of both males and females from villages, communes, districts, and city. The race took place dramatically and fascinated thousands of Hue people and visitors.

Vietnam National Day in Romania

The Vietnamese Ambassador speaks at the ceremony of Vietnam National Day in Romania

During August 30 and 31, 2014, and the Embassy of Vietnam and Vietnamese people in Romania have jointly organized many cultural activities to celebrate 69 years of the August Revolution and National Day 2-9. All officers of the embassy and their family, along with Vietnamese community in Romania attended the event. Speaking at the meeting on August 30, Ambassador Tran Xuan Thuy highlighted the historical significance of August Revolution and National Day 2/9. He also pointed out a number of important socio-economic achievements of the country, and more information on the South China Sea Issue and Vietnamese guidelines. The Ambassador also praised the efforts of Vietnamese people in the community during the last few years, and urged people to unite to overcome difficulties and to improve efficiency in work and patriotism. In this event, the attendants had a chance to watch documentary film about August Revolution and songs about patriotism.

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