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Vietnam temporary residence

Tue, 17 Jun 2014. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:44

Vietnam temporary residence is one of two main types of residence in Vietnam. Temporary residence is applied for those who are working or traveling Vietnam in short period. It is a special type of long-term visa, which lengthens from one to three years.

Staying in Vietnam for working and traveling from six month above is no longer an obstacle of foreigners when they come to Vietnam. If foreigners want to reside in Vietnam for a long time to work, to study or simple just to travel, they can apply for Vietnam permanent or temporary residences issued by Department of Immigration under Vietnamese government. Of two residence types, Vietnam temporary residence is used for foreigners staying in Vietnam less than three years. Instead of applying for a six to twelve – month visa and not being exempted when entering or exiting visa, foreigners coming to Vietnam just apply for temporary residence of the country. Being seen as a long-term visa or a special visa, the temporary residence has a minimum term of one year, an average term of 2 years, and the maximum term of 3 years.


Procedures of Vietnam temporary residence

In recent years, there have been more and more foreigners working in Vietnam. Procedures of Vietnam temporary residence always draw attention of foreign employers. Following are guides of procedures, which will make the process more facilitating.

Vietnam temporary residence card


- Step 1: Prepare the document as prescribed by law

- Step 2: Foreigners applying for temporary residence cards must perform procedures at provincial office managing entry and exit under the Ministry of Public Security through guaranteed companies, organizations and individuals. For instance, foreigners living in Hanoi perform procedures at the department managing entry and exit under the Ministry of Public Security, office in Hanoi. Guaranteed companies, organizations and individuals of foreigners submit required documents to the provincial office managing entry and exit under the Ministry of Public Security. Responsible officers receive documents and check the legality and the content of the documents. If documents are complete and legal then the officer gives the submitter a receipt and requires him to pay the fee for fee collection officer. The fee collection officer takes the fee the give the submitter the fee receipt. In case of incomplete or invalid documents, responsible officers give submitters the instruction to supplement missing documents or renew them.

- Step 3: Receiving Vietnam temporary residence card in the Receiving and Releasing Department of the provincial office managing entry and exit under the Ministry of Public Security. The receiver presents the receipt, the fee receipt for comparison. The officer checks the legality, asks for the signature and returns card for the receiver.


Requirements of temporary Vietnam residence

vietnam visa on arrival


1. The location for applying required documents: foreigners submit documents directly at location of the provincial office managing entry and exit under the Ministry of Public Security.
2. Required documents include:

- 01 written request of guaranteed companies, organizations or individuals in the form of N5A
- 01 declaration of information on foreigners applying for temporary residence, together with a sealed photo of companies or organizations in the form of N5B/M
- 02 photos size 3x4 cm
- Original passport
- 01 copy of work license, depending on the type of business, work license is investment license or certificate of business registration or work permit of the representative office
- A copy of the certificate of seal registration
- A copy of the certificate of tax code registration (if any)
- Work permit (In case of applicant is employer. Notice: investor is not required for work permit)
- Birth certificates, marriage registration or family certificate (those documents apply to cases that applicants for temporary residence cards are spouses or children of depended foreign employers or investors).

According to policy of Vietnam temporary residence, conditions for granting temporary residence cards for foreigners in Vietnam can be summarized into the following conditions:

- The foreigner’s passport is valid for at least 1 year.
- In case of a work permit, the work permit of the foreigner is valid for 01 year from the date of applying for the temporary residence card. For investors, it is required to have documents proving that they invest in the capital of enterprises in Vietnam (probably certificate of business registration, investment permit…)

- The foreigner has to live in Vietnam for a certain time. In specific cases, office managing entry and exit regulates 01 year or more.

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