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Procedure of getting a Vietnam driving license

Tue, 17 Jun 2014. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:44

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Vietnam driving license is a compulsory personal document of foreigners in Vietnam if they have cars and use daily. Foreigners who stay in Vietnam at least 3 months will be granted the license by the Department of Transportation in provinces in Vietnam.

Who can get driving license in Vietnam?

Having a driving license is considered an important thing to do when traveling Vietnam. After your arrival Vietnam for a few days, getting a motorbike or car license is a must if you have intention to stay in Vietnam at least three months. Owning a driving license in hand, you will be more active when traveling everywhere across the country. By virtue of getting a license, you will have chances to explore more interesting and attractive things of the beautiful country. Vietnam driving license is issued by the provincial or national Department of Transportation and Public Works in every province in Vietnam. Foreigners are not encouraged to drive without a valid driving license. It is necessary to have a Vietnam driving license, or an international license which is converted from your international driving permit. The punishment for not having a license when you travel Vietnam and cause accident will be imprisoned from 3 years up to 10 years, and even 20 years if accidents causing death.

Foreign Driving Licenses


According to Vietnam law, all foreigners who have not had a driving license are recommended to have one in Vietnam. Most of foreigners have been granted a driving license in their home countries. Accordingly, anyone having international driving license is easy to apply for Vietnam's license without having to re-study techniques and retake driving examination. A driving license is treated as qualified international license if it meets the following things: This is a driving license of cars and two-wheeler vehicles issued by the competent authority of the foreign country. In some countries, those who have a driver's license, they may apply for international license to use in some other countries. However, Vietnam has not participated in any international commitment on licensing drivers of motorizing their vehicles in Vietnam. Therefore, if foreigners want to control their vehicles such as cars, motorcycles of 70cc upwards in Vietnam they must apply for a change license.


Procedure of getting Vietnamese driving license

A driving exam in Vietnam


The official and direct agency conducts the procedure of getting driving license for expats in Vietnam is Department of Transportation and Public Works of the place where foreigners are residing.

To expats, they have to visit the Department of Transportation to get the application form of changing their international driving license. This application is attached with a picture of car owner and certificated by the diplomatic missions based in Vietnam, by unit or enterprise which is managing the expats. Application is filed with a copy of foreign driving license or international one with a recognized translation version of the driving license, copy of passport, and visa. The Department of Transportation will check and compare the original documents.
The change of driving license in Vietnam shall be considered only when the international driving license is in valid. The new licenses issued by Vietnam will be suitable to the valid of international license, but not exceeding the time of foreigner residing in Vietnam. The new driving license is in the same class with the license issued abroad. For example, the foreign license allows expats controlling both cars and motorcycles; thus, the new license is changed to the corresponding. Except for the case of motorcycles from 175cc and upwards, due to limited domestic policies on Transportation in Vietnam that foreigners are not granted.

After receiving the complete and valid dossiers, the new driving license will be released on every Friday; the maximum period is 10 days.

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