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Vietnam natural resources & environment events 2014

Sat, 10 Jan 2015. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:58

In 2014, Vietnam natural resources and environment gained many important events, attracting attention and interest of public opinion. Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment honored 10 outstanding events of the industry.

The first great milestone is announcing the new administrative procedures in the field of land. Implementing the Land Act 2013, the Ministry of Vietnam natural resources and environment hosted in collaboration with other ministries took into effect since July 1st. Also, new administrative procedures on land sector were issued. The second remarkable event is that Con Dao National Park in Ba Ria - Vung Tau province was recognized as one of the most important the wetlands by the Secretariat of the International Ramsar Convention. This is one of 2203 international important Ramsar areas of the world, as well as the sixth one of Vietnam, and the first ramsar site in Vietnam. Con Dao National Park is the convergence of four rare and unique ecosystems of forest and sea in the world. It is listed in the system of important marine areas in need of protection on a global scale. It is the key region in the Action Plan of Vietnam national biodiversity.


Urban area in Hanoi


Thirdly, the ministry also witnessed the success in efficiency of Vietnam law on exploiting minerals. For the first time, localities calculated and charged mining rights granted under the provisions of Vietnam Law on Minerals. Accordingly, in 2014, the action contributed greatly (about five thousand billion dong) to the State budget. The action also improved the efficiency of administrative management in minerals. The fourth event is that Vietnam officially joined Convention on Law on Use of transnational water for non-waterway purpose. Vietnam is the 35th nation joining the Convention about transnational waters for water way. Ranking the 5th is the event of announcing 11 operating reservoirs in large and important river basins, and put into operation during the flood season under the direction of Vietnam government. 11 operating procedures of reservoir were implemented on the priority principles for reducing flood during flood season and regulating water in the dry season for downstream. At the same time, the particular procedures of operation, coordination mechanisms among reservoirs' owner, responsibility of localities and officers in guiding, monitoring, testing, and supervising the implimentation of reservoirs and relevant firms were improved.


Oil and gas exploitation in Vietnam


The sixth great milestone is that the first updated every-two-year report of Vietnam completed and submitted to the United Nations' Convention Framework on Climate Change. It was appreciated by international community. The report was submitted to the Secretariat of the Climate Convention at the 20th Conference of Parties joining the UN's Framework Convention on Climate Change held in December in Lima, Peru. The report was also released on the website of UN's Secretariat Framework Convention on Climate Change. Vietnam is one of the first three developing countries completing the report, contributing to the good implementing obligations and commitments of Vietnam when participating in the implementation of the Convention. Seventh, for the first time, Hanoi fulfilled the issuing certificate of land use rights, home ownership and assets attached to land for home buyers in the housing development project. In 2014, Hanoi concentrated on accelerating the certification of land use rights, home ownership and assets attached to land, so far gaining 99.6% of the required level. Issuing 2 thousand certificates of land use rights to organizations, nearly six thousand certificates for families, individuals and more than 40 thousand certificates have been issued to families purchasing houses in the project on Vietnam housing development.


Con Dao Island


The eighth big event is that for the first time, surveillance system resources and marine island environment in remote areas were completed by technology covering the entire coastal areas of Vietnam. Accordingly, a thematic maps of the surface coating ratio of 1: 50,000 for coastal areas and floating islands was laid out. The system of multi-time monitoring marine and island resources and environment was also created. Especially, the establishment of topographic maps with the ratio of 1: 250,000 of the Paracels and Spratlys, the system topographic map of Spratly Islands and Paracel Islands have ratio of 1: 25,000 with floating islands and reefs of 10m deep. Event no.9 is the ministry allowed organizations and individuals to exploit and use marine resources in specific areas under Decree No. 51/2014 / ND-CP of the Government. Finally yet importantly, it is reform of administrative procedures was promoted throughout the sector. In recent years, administrative reforms, especially reform of administrative procedures have been focusing on promoting the sector. Reception offices and return the settlement of administrative procedures have been active again at the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, contributed to enhancing the effectiveness of the steering operating, administrative reform and facilitate good for people and businesses.

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