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FLC Samson Golf Links to be the biggest golf course in Vietnam

Thu, 20 Nov 2014. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:55

FLC Group said that FLC Samson Golf Links with a size of nearly 200 ha, total investment capital of 3500 billion dong, and Fusion Maia Resort is expected to open in Samson 1 May, 2015. The project will bring great benefit to the development of Thanh Hoa.

FLC Group in Vietnam is one of the best brand with a surprising development and spread in Vietnam during the last few years. Three main fields of the group are financial investment, real estate, and mineral exploitation. In addition, FLC constantly expands its business to other fields. Recently, FLC Group introduced FLC Samson Golf Links and Fusion Maia Samson with an area of nearly 200 ha and the total investment capital of 3500 billion dong. The beach resort and golf course area is forecasted to open in 01/05/2015. Fusion Maia Samson promises to be the first 5-star international resort and golf course in Northern Vietnam will be a great venue for golfers and families to enjoy wonderful moments of relaxation after a challenging day at the Samson Golf Links. This is the largest Vietnam real estate of resort and golf course in Central region. On this occasion, FLC also organizes to sell memberships of FLC Samson Golf Links under the project FLC Samson Beach & Golf Resort. FLC Golf Links Club is located in Sam Son Commune, about 135 km from Hanoi. Members of the golf club will have chance to play at an 18-hole international golf course and luxurious clubhouse with many facilities and services, a restaurant of international and local cuisines with the best service.


Logo FLC Group


According to the construction plan of the FLC Group, FLC project of Samson Golf Links located in the tourist complex of 5-star standard on a total area of over 400 hectares with a total investment capital of 5.500 billion. The golf course is designed by Nicklaus, a reputable golf course design in the world. With large-scale investment, designed on a specific geographic area stretching along the coast, FLC Samson Golf Links is expected to be a modern golf course project. It will be the most beautiful and challenging golf course in Vietnam when come into use, expected early 2015 to meet the requirements of the National Tourism Year - Thanh Hoa 2015. With a beautiful location, excellent design and grandeur scale of investment, FLC Samson Golf Links is expected to be one of the local and international golfing destinations in Vietnam. The golf course was built with the goal of reaching the most high-end standard of other golf courses in Vietnam and in the region.

Besides projects FLC Samson Golf Links, FLC cultural tourist complex is designed to be ann entertainment center and luxury resort with many items such as: in-door and outdoor entertainment centers, system of restaurant, bar, all-year-round swimming pool, hotel and villas designed to ensure that all hotel rooms will have sea views. Particularly, there is one president room, one luxury suite and duplex will offer panoramic views of Sam Son Beach and beautiful golf course. Besides, the resort and hotel are managed by Serenity Holding Groups, the hotels and resorts management unit with world-class brands such as A La Carte and Fusion Maia... The investment in the construction of FLC Samson Beach & Golf Resort is not only brings a new appearance for tourism in Sam Son, improving one-season tourism of this coastal city, but also contributes to attract investment in Thanh Hoa. It promotes economic - social development, creates jobs for local residents, and contributes to building a new face for Sam Son in particular and Thanh Hoa in general.


Breaking ground ceremony of Samson Beach and Golf Resort


On ambition of investing in the project, Mr. Trinh Van Quyet, Chairman of FLC Group said that with the existing advantages of nature, history, culture, people and other local conditions of Thanh Hoa, the tourist complex will contribute to improve the seasonal factor in the province's tourism, making tourism in Thanh Hoa more attractive in the region. Speaking at the breaking ground ceremony, Mr. Quyet said that, FLC will use the best human and capital resources and meet the needs of all sides from design to contractors. All ensures the project to be conducted in the right schedule, achieving high demands on aesthetics, quality and environmental landscape. According to Mr. Chien, if the golf course comes into operation, it will solve employment for thousands of people working at the golf course. In addition, if tourism and service are good, the project will involve commercial activities and services the entire town of Sam Son in particular, Thanh Hoa in particular, which is a real economic boost, increases income and improves the quality of life for people.

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