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Most modern expressway in Vietnam opens

Tue, 10 Feb 2015. Last updated Mon, 01 Jun 2015 14:20

In the morning of February 8th, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung declared the opening of Vietnam's most modern expressway HCMC – Long Thanh – Dau Giay. This landmark is hoped to reduce congestion and establish connection between HCMC and other provinces.

Being started since 2009 with the investment capital of 20,630 billion VND, the project of building Ho Chi Minh City – Long Thanh – Dau Giay Expressway (HLD Expressway) will connect Ho Chi Minh City with National Route 51 (Long Thanh District) and National Route 1A (running through Ho Chi Minh City  and Dong Nai Province). The construction of HLD Expressway was divided into two segments with the total length of 55 kilometers. The total investment of the first and the second segments were respectively 276.8 million USD and 640.3 million USD. As expectation, the operation of HLD Expressway will shorten the distance and time to travel from Ho Chi Minh City to other provinces and cities including Dau Giay Junction, Long Thanh District (Dong Nai Province), and Vung Tau City. Before the construction of HLD Expressway, it takes 70 kilometers (3 hours) to arrive in Dau Giay Junction; 45 kilometers (60 minutes) to travel to Long Thanh District (Dong Nai Province); and 120 kilometers (2.5 hours) to arrive in Vung Tau City. Nonetheless, when HLD Expressway is exploited. The distance and time to travel from Ho Chi Minh City to Dau Giay Junction, Long Thanh District, and Vung Tau City will shorten to 20 kilometers (1 hour), 22 kilometers (20 minutes), and 95 kilometers (1 hour and 20 minutes) respectively.


The opening ceremony of the expressway


Speaking at the opening ceremony, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung said that Ho Chi Minh City – Long Thanh – Dau Giay Expressway was a large project with the total capital of over 1 billion USD. The highway was designed following contemporary standards and assessed as the best-quality expressway in Vietnam until now.  "HLD Expressway carries important meanings for the socio-economic development. It helps to create jobs, improve people's lives, and contribute significant meanings in ensuring the national security and defense", Prime Minister added. After the completion of HLD Expressway, Vietnam will have 580-kilometer-highway built. It is expected that at the end of 2015, when Hanoi - Haiphong - Lao Cai Expressway was put into operation, Vietnam already built 700-kilometer-highway. 


Ho Chi Minh City – Long Thanh – Dau Giay Expressway


The Head of Vietnam Government also commended the efforts of related ministries and agencies in the early completion of the project. He also reminded the investors (VEC) in the completion of the remaining works. According to Vietnam Prime Minister, the investment of constructing and improving the economic and social infrastructure towards modernization is a breakthrough of the country's development. Nowadays, there are three land routes having important meanings in the country developments including National Route 1, Ho Chi Minh Highway, and North–South Expressway. Prime Minister required investors to finish the upgrade and expansion of National Route 1 in a section from Lang Son to Ca Mau and simultaneously complete some important routes in the second period of Ho Chi Minh Highway, especially in the section of the Central Highlands.

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