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Tan Son Nhat International Airport will be expanded

Mon, 11 Aug 2014. Last updated Sat, 27 Jun 2015 11:20

Recently, Vietnam Minister of Transport, Mr. Dinh La Thang has approved an investment project in expanding Tan Son Nhat International Airport. The expanding project will be started in November 2014 and completed within 26 months.

As estimated, after the expansion and upgrading, Tan Son Nhat International Airport will have the total area of 115,834 m2 (increasing over 22,000 m2) and the capacity to serve about 13 millions customers (increasing 3 millions in comparison to the old capacity). According to Airports Corporation of Vietnam, Tan Son Nhat Airport will be expanded in three areas. In the first area, the station concourse will be enlarged to the east with further area of 8,780 m2. The total length of the extension is 160m. In the second area, the body of the airport will be expanded in both two sides with the area of extension in each side of 6,810 m2 (in four storey). The last area will be upgraded is an unnecessary atrium area inside the airport to increase the number of procedure counters. The further expanding area is about 207 m2.

Inside Tan Son Nhat Airport

Mr. Ho Minh Tien, Deputy Director of Airports Corporation of Vietnam, spoke that the expanded project is designed to maintain the original shape of the current architecture. The curved dome will still retain a stylized shape of a bird flying. As the estimation of Airports Corporation of Vietnam, the investing capital for the project is approximately 2,311.2 billion VND, in which, bidding packages of consultant and project management will use the Development and Investment Fund of the corporation, on the other hand, bidding packages of construction and procurement will use the commercial loans.

To ensure the effectiveness of the exploitation, the project will be invested in two phases. In the first one, the total investing capital for the expansion of the station concourse to the east is about 1,523.7 billion VND. In the second period, the project will be invested 728 billion VND to enlarge to the west. Tan Son Nhat Airport is one of the biggest airports in Vietnam. It is known that the existing international terminal was synchronously invested and constructed by Airports Corporation of Vietnam. It was completed and put in to operation from September 2007 with the design capacity of 8 - 10 million passengers per year. After 6 years of operation, in 2013, the international terminal served 9.2 million turns. It is expected that the number will reach 9.8 turns by the end of 2014.

Check-in counter in Tan Son Nhat international airport

According to the forecasts, until 2018, Tan Son Nhat International Airport will reach 29 million visitors including 13 million international customers, exceeding the original design capacity of the new terminal. Meanwhile, Long Thanh airport project can only be completed after 2024, therefore, in the next ten years, Tan Son Nhat will still play a leading role in meeting the demand of international passenger transport to the south of Vietnam.

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