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BMW M4 Coupé in Vietnam firstly released

Fri, 26 Sep 2014. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:50

Euro Auto has launched the showroom of BMW Motorsport & Individual in Ho Chi Minh City. This is the first and only showroom in Vietnam for two subsidiary brands: BMW Motorsport and Individual, especially BMW M4 Coupé in Vietnam.

The opening ceremony marks the official entry of BMW into the market of high-performance luxury segment. Euro Auto Vietnam also unveiled entirely new BMW M4 Coupé, opening for this special event. The launch of new BMW M4 Coupé shows a new definition of sporty high-performance of BMW M GmbH. "BMW M4 Coupe is a skillful blend between the idea of ​​a high-performance racing cars and one suitable for daily commuting needs, all in a rich emotional design" - Mr. Horst Herdtle - CEO of Euro Auto explained. "The engine is always the proudest highlight of the M model with 6 cylinders of the most advanced TwinPower Turbo technology, bringing super operation of high round per minute (rpm). To apply racing technology for the daily schedule, the car has undergone through thousands of driving tests at Nurburging legend racing track by two DTM racer Timo Glock and Bruno Spengler in the process of development. I believe that the M4 has really set a new shape for the correct and fast operation in a car" - Herdtle proudly added.


BMW M4 Coupe


More impressive, BMW M4 Coupe can reach a maximum capacity of 431 hp, maximum torque of 550nm at high rpm range and only takes 4.1 seconds to accelerate from 0-100km / h. The engine is optimized for saving fuel and emissions up to 25%. In Vietnam, the M4 is equipped with a standard 7-level dual-clutch M (DCT) gearbox, multifunctional Motorsport steering wheel, and M-Drive 3-mode sport steering system: COMFOFT, SPORT, SPORT+, and Adaptive M chassis frame. In addition, BMW M4 is outfitted with wheels of 19'', sporty black painted alloy, dual personality-type spokes. Interior is covered by luxury Merino leather, seats with body-hugging design; interior details are paneled by carbon with black Chrome border as highlight. Gourmet customers can be satisfied with the sound system of 16-Harman Kardon speakers.

There is also a good news in Vietnam auto market, especially in Hanoi. Euro Auto has announced its incentive promotion to customers who are using BMW/MINI in Hanoi. The first painting workshop is expanded in large scale and modern equipment. There is also service of 1.5 -hour express repair, and 24/7 rescue services. Accordingly, the painting workshop is a vital part in 4 chains of the BMW facilities in Hanoi, under the management of the BMW Long Bien Center at 1 Ngo Gia Tu. The center reaches full excellent standards of BMW Group's requirements.


EuroAuto caring center in Hanoi


The painting workshop is expanded up to 1500 m2, with 14 working places, with modern equipment used for painting such as: straightening and dragging equipment car frame (Car-O-Liner), using water-based paint standardized in fresh paint colors and environmental protection. On the special occasion, Euro Auto delivers customers in Northern part of Vietnam who are using BMW/MINI an incentive program, and want to renew their cars ahead of Christmas and New Year's Day. The program is applicable from 09.15.2014 - 12.31.2014 for the following services: 20% preferential cost replacement parts; 20% cost preference polishing interior and hygiene; 15% preferential costs of paint and copper.

Besides expanding the studio of paint and copper, Euro Auto deploys services in customer-oriented care in Hanoi such as 1.5-prime-hour fixing services, including maintenance, replacing the engine oil, oil filter, engine air filter, air conditioning filter, air conditioning maintenance, fuel filter, oil changes, installation code maintenance, and change water for washing glass. Some maintenances and repairs of natural wear are replacing front brake pads, rear brake pads, brake discs, rain rubber brush, the belt, repairing and replacing tire, dynamic balancing, etc. In particular, from 15/09/2014 - 30/06/2015, customers registering the service of quick fix will receive 1 bottle washer; 10% discount on the price of spare parts and engine oil. Besides, in 24/7 emergency services (365 days per year), the BMW technicians will support by phone or recuse on-spot. Emergency telephone number in Hanoi is 01234 336 999.

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