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UNESCO Vietnam strengthens role in World Heritage Committee

Wed, 28 Jan 2015. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 09:00

Two days ago, a conference on Vietnam UNESCO’s contribution to sustainable development of World Heritage Committee was held in Hanoi. The conference aims to focus on developing the role of Vietnam in preserving and promoting world heritages in Vietnam.

On January 27th in Hanoi, the national committee of UNESCO Vietnam held a review on 2014 operation and 2015 outlook with the participation of representatives of subcommittees. Speaking at the conference, Deputy General Secretary of Vietnam National UNESCO Committee, Mr. Nguyen Manh Thang stressed that specialized committees of UNESCO continued to promote their active roles in multilateral forums and positively support to bilateral diplomat, and contribute to the operation of World Heritage Committee as the role of a member.


Vietnam delegation in annual meeting session of UNESCO


Vietnam UNESCO also supports political diplomacy in the struggle for sovereignty and democracy, human rights, promoting the image of Vietnam through collaboration with localities in establishing and mobilizing the title kinds of UNESCO, enhancing the preservation and promotion of values of titles recognized. Besides, the National Committee of Vietnam UNESCO implements educational programs for all, for sustainable development, promotes sex education, reproductive health, carries out research on gender-based violence in schools, and continue to build a learning and lifelong learning society... In addition, the National Committee of Vietnam UNESCO also enhanced to introduce the image of UNESCO to Vietnamese people through programs, projects, workshops and propagandas on mass media on Vietnam – UNESCO cooperation, and  on types of heritage status recognized by UNESCO.

In 2015, Vietnam UNESCO continues its role in UNESCO's Committee through campaign to become a member of UNESCO Council from 2015 to 2019 term as a member of the World Heritage Committee, as Vice Chairman of the Memory of the World Committee for Asia/Pacific in term 2014-2018... National Committee for Vietnam UNESCO will coordinate with local heritage sites in the work of preservation and promotion of recognized heritages' values, build regular and irregular reports on issues relating to recognized heritages. Noting results of the National Committee of UNESCO Vietnam achieved with the effective coordination of UNESCO's Representative Office in Hanoi and partners, praising efforts of ministries in promoting activities of UNESCO, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Le Hoai Trung, Chairman of the National Committee for Vietnam UNESCO emphasized the efficient operation over time, which proves Vietnam's commitment in promoting activities of UNESCO and to participate actively in conventions of which Vietnam is a member.


Tam Coc Rice Valley in Trang An Complex


Ministries, branches and localities should focus on solving harmonically between heritage conservation and sustainable development. In 2015, the Department of Cultural Heritage will maintain achievements in 2014 and strive to effectively implement sectors' activities, including:

General orientations:

1. Continue to implement Action Program on implementing the Resolution Congress XI of Vietnam National Communist Party of Vietnam, performing its role of advising the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in the state management of cultural heritage.

2. Focus on performing its tasks, programs in 2015, promoting the establishment of legal documents, strengthening inspection and monitoring activities of remodeling and renovation at the local heritage, strengthening state management in areas, promoting socialized activities, protecting cultural heritage, strengthening scientific research, training and retraining staff.

Key tasks:

1. Building Decree on management and protection of Cultural and Natural Heritages in Vietnam.

2. Directing and coordinating with localities to conduct typical profiles of Vietnam cultural heritages to propose to UNESCO for registration.

3. Proposing profiles to Prime Minister for recognizing as special national monuments and national treasures.

4. Setting up scheme of inventory, collecting, preserving, displaying and disseminating cultural heritages of typical traditional ethnic minorities in Vietnam.

5. Coordinating with relevant units to propose the title "Artisan of Merit" for the first time in the field of intangible cultural heritage according to the Decree No. 62/2014 / ND-CP dated 25/06/2014 issued by Prime Minister on titles "People's Artist", "Artist of Merit" in the field of intangible cultural heritage.

6. Building plans for short- and long-term training, re-training, and improving staff's ability of the cultural heritage sector to meet the practical requirements of society.

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