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Preserve and promote Confucian relics in Vietnam

Thu, 22 Jan 2015. Last updated Mon, 01 Jun 2015 14:19

Preserving and promoting Confucian relics in Vietnam are among important tasks in conserving valuable Confucianism and local spiritual life. These Confucian relics are not just places of a time-honored tradition, but also long-lasting culture.

The system of Confucian relics in Vietnam is an important part of the country’s culture. Therefore, preserving and promoting well Vietnam Confucian values of these unique heritages contribute to preserving Vietnam traditional culture. Vietnam is a country with a long-lasting history of brilliant civilization development for thousands of years. One of particularly important factors contributing to Vietnam culture is Confucianism, and Confucian relics are parts of the face of the civilization. With nearly 20 centuries associated with Vietnamese people, Confucianism has left to posterity a rich treasure of knowledge and precious relics and heritages of competitions' venues, places where those who passed the national exams were recorded such as Temple of Literature in Hanoi, Phu Van Lau in Hue, and place of worshiping ancestors of Confucianism... Moreover, with nearly two millennia of survival and development, Confucianism also helps to create an education that brings a unique identity as the cradle of training cultural celebrities such as Nguyen Trai and Nguyen Du...


Main entrance of the Temple of Literature


Vietnam Confucianism is considered one of the important beliefs contributing to building a solid prop for economic development, history, architecture and survival of feudal dynasties such as Ly, Tran, Le, and Nguyen... Currently, there are about 10% to 20% of Vietnam population following Confucianism, mostly in Northern and North Central parts of Vietnam where local people received early introduction and influence of Confucianism from China. The system of Confucian relics in the Northern part concentrates with a large number. However, after the ups and downs of Vietnam history, the system temples in Red River Delta remains only four monument with large architectural scales in Hanoi, Bac Ninh, Hai Duong and Hung Yen. Recognizing the significance and important role of the Confucian heritages, in recent years, researches are conducted, and gained many significant achievements. Hundreds of Vietnam Confucian relics are considered and set ratings. Among those, there are national monuments invested in preservation, renovation and rehabilitation in programs against degradation of religious monuments. Some artifacts related to Confucianism were honored in UNESCO Memory of the World program. Many researches on examination mode, inscriptions, and Nom documents have been published...


Tran Bien Temple of Literature in Dong Nai


Notably, on January 15th, 2015 in Hanoi, Temple of Literature's Cultural Scientific Activity Center held scientific conference on conservation and promotion of Vietnam Confucian relics with the participation of the majority of scientists, managers of Confucian relics cross the country. In fact, most Confucian relics in Vietnam were constructed for a long time ago; thus, they cannot avoid being degraded and affected by the weather. Also, wars triggered the damages. In addition, many Confucian documents are not collected completely. And, there has not been a department specializing in conserving Confucian monuments, collecting and storing documents related to Confucianism at the national level. Facing this reality, scientists said that the current urgent need is to conduct reviews, inventory and classification of all relics and artifacts related to Confucianism cross the country, at the same time to establish a database system at the local level and to have a central focal point. Since then, experts will conduct research to identify all types and contents to make plans of conserving and maximizing the value of the special cultural heritages in Vietnam.

Hopefully, in the future, with the right policy of agencies, creativity, contribution of scientists along with local efforts will help conservation and promotion the value relics of Confucian system with good results, contributing to strengthening traditional education over generations.

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