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France – Vietnam Job Fair 2014 opened in Hanoi

Mon, 17 Nov 2014. Last updated Sat, 06 Dec 2014 11:58

Recently, in Pullman Hanoi Hotel, France – Vietnam Job Fair 2014 took place. This is a great event for young people in Hanoi with all qualifications to seek suitable job. The job witnessed the participation of many reputable companies and corporations.

On November 15 in Hanoi, France – Vietnam Job Fair 2014 was officially open. The event appealed a large number of young people in Hanoi. The job fair took place at Pullman Hanoi Hotel (40 Cat Linh Street). The France – Vietnam Job Fair 2014 was organized by French Embassy in Hanoi in collaboration with Chamber of French Commerce and Industry in Vietnam.

The job bazaar held in Pullman Hanoi Hotel has two main purposes. First, this is an opportunity to facilitate businesses in Vietnam and France and Vietnam to meet and recruit young employees in Vietnam with high qualifications. Second, it creates chances for young people in Vietnam, especially the candidates trained in France or French training programs in Vietnam to access to career opportunities, while raise awareness about trend of internationalization of the labor market in Vietnam. The job fair attracted 19 French companies and two research and training centers in various fields: commerce, banking and finance, telecommunications, information technology, healthcare, construction, hotel tourism... There were famous corporations, and Ltd., Companies such as Accor, Vietnam Technological and Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Techcombank), Vietnam Satellite Television (VSTV), Gameloft Ltd., Company, Amica Travel Company, Vietnam Link By Net, eXoPlatform Sea Ltd., Company, OpenAsia Ltd., Co., Vietnam AREP, Vietnam Decathlon, Sanofi Group, Mazars Group, Vietnam Discovery, and BigC Vietnam...


Vietnam - France Job Fair banner


Businesses will interact directly with candidates in the form of quick interview (with priority given to candidates with high profiles that match and register early for the organizers). Along with the exchange program, businesses will introduce activities and their HR strategies at the symposium. This is a good opportunity for enterprises in Vietnam and France to meet and recruit young Vietnamese employees having highly specialized, especially those who have been trained in France or in training programs of France in Vietnam, and to access to long-term career opportunities. Along with the recruitment booths of units involved, the 2014 job bazaar between France and Vietnam also had seminars with presentations by many reputable experts as managers and business leaders. The seminars were “Choose a career - Light the future”, “Decathlon Hanoi - The development path”, “Successful Interviewing and Developing Skills with K +”, “3D Design Innovation – Products’ Life-cycle Management”, and “Key to build and develop careers”.


Vietnam - France Job Fair Forum


Ms. Thien Nga Ngo Rocaboy, representative of French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Vietnam, said the program was for all candidates wishing to seek work, from students, newly graduated bachelors to experienced employers, regardless of experience and foreign languages. Candidates are interviewed with Vietnamese, English and French, depending on their own strengths. In a press conference on November 11, Ms. Eva Nguyen Binh, Counselor for Cooperation and Cultural Activities at Embassy of France in Vietnam and Thien Nga Ngo Rocaboy, Director of eXo Platform as well as Representatives of Chamber of French Commerce and Industry in Vietnam, said there were 500 registration dossiers for recruitment in the job fair 2014. Businesses of Vietnam and France continued to receive applications from candidates until November 15. It is expected that about 100 positions employed on this occasion. As representatives of the French Embassy in Hanoi, the organizers have received more than 400 resumes of the candidates throughout the country via email [email protected]. According to the organizers, the France – Vietnam job fair will be held annually and alternately in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. The France – Vietnam Job Fair 2015 will be conducted in Ho Chi Minh City, scheduled for April 2015.

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