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Vietnam stamp collection issued by ASEAN countries

Sat, 28 Mar 2015. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 09:04

To welcome the establishment of ASEAN Community at the end of 2015, an ASEAN stamp design contest was held in February. And, Vietnam stamp collection got the First Prize. It means that 10 countries members will issue the collection in this August 8.

The Vietnam stamp collection designed by Artist Vu Kim Lien is awarded The First Prize of ASEAN Stamp. The stamp collection will be issued by 10 ASEAN countries, contributing to the promulgation of the ASEAN Community establishment to 600 million of regional residents. On March 25, Mr. Nguyen Quang Vinh, Vice Chief of Postage stamps under Vietnam Post said that, Vietnam stamp collection will be released by 10 countries of ASEAN on August 8 to welcome the establishment of ASEAN Community at the end of 2015. The stamp collection was designed by Artist Vu Kim Lien. It gained the First Prize in the ASEAN Stamp Design Contest held from February 15 - 17 in Thailand.


First stamp collection of ASEAN


The stamp collection has a great significance, which marks a new step in the cooperation of Vietnam Post and other ASEAN countries. The event also contributes to the promulgation and introduction to about 600 million regional residents about the giving birth of ASEAN Community. With the theme of "Welcoming ASEAN Community - A Vision, An Identity, and A Community", the main motifs of the stamp collection are images of 10 ASEAN countries' flags which create an inseparable-petal flower. Below the flower image is graphic stylized flowers yellow rice flowers, expressing ideas of ASEAN countries mainly developing from agriculture with potentials of agricultural economy.

Artist Vu Kim Lien, the author of the stamp collection shared that the stamp collection is drawn by hand on a specific machine without the support of integrated images. Images on these stamp samples are condensed and iconic. Ministry of Information and Telecommunication has approved cooperation project of issuing the stamp collection in all 10 ASEA countries. Vietnam Post was assigned to host and cooperate with other ASEAN countries to publish the special stamp collection. The initiative of issuing common stamps for 10 ASEAN countries to welcome the establishment of ASEAN Community at the end of 2015 was proposed by Thailand Post at ASEAN Post Business Meeting (APBM) held in Cambodia in 2012, agreed, and supported by ASEAN countries' post. Vietnam Post is chosen as the representative of Vietnam to participate in the event of ASEAN Stamp Design Contest. The result is that Vietnam gained 2 First Prizes on stamp sample, and seal sample.


Signing ceremony of introducing ASEAN common stamps


Before, Vietnam sometimes issued common stamps with ASEAN countries. For example, in 2007, on the occasion of 40th anniversary of ASEAN foundation, country members publishes common stamp collection. Each country submitted a stamp sample, and then these stamps will be printed into 10 collections featuring characteristics of each country. However, this rule was "broken" in this year. Mr. Nguyen Quang Vinh added with the spirit of ASEAN Community - A unity and consensus bloc, ASEAN country members agreed the idea of publishing a stamp collection for all 10 countries. In the final round of the ASEAN competition hosted by Thailand Post from February 15-17, 2015, representatives of 10 ASEAN countries' post, of Universal Postal Union (UPU), and of Asian - Pacific Postal Union (APPU), the ASEAN Secretariat analyzed and balloted to choose one common ASEAN stamp collection. The stamp collection will be issued by 10 ASEAN countries on August 8, 2015.

After announcing the result, representatives of country members congratulated Vietnam and confirmed that this is a deserve result. The stamp collection gaining the First Prize has high conception, good generalization, and high profession. That the Vietnamese artist got the first prize proves that besides renovation achievements, Vietnam has a strong development in other fields such as creation arts and culture. Countries' post also appreciated the role of the Vietnam Post in ASEAN stamp contest by initiatives that Vietnam had contributed with suggestions of renaming the stamp contest, proposing ideas of specialization operations in organizing the contest stamps.

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