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Da Nang Administrative Center newly inaugurated

Mon, 08 Sep 2014. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:49

On morning September 8, Da Nang held the opening ceremony of Da Nang Administrative Center. This is the highest building in Central Vietnam. This architecture contributes greatly to solve civic affairs of Da Nang citizens.

On September 8, Da Nang People's Committee organized to inaugurate Da Nang Administrative Center, with a total investment of VND2, 131 billion. This architecture was broken ground in November 2008 on an area of 23,318 square meters, including 2 basements and 34 floors with a total floor area of 65,234 square meters. The height of this building is 166.8 meters, as well as the tallest one in Central Vietnam. The Da Nang Administrative Center is situated at 24 Tran Phu Street, Thach Thang Ward in Hai Hai Chau District. The highest building in Central Vietnam was put into operation. The new political center of Da Nang is designed with an enormous steel roof structure at the position of fifth floor, creating a shape of a boat. The work was designed by Mooyoung Architects & Engineers Company and Da Nang Construction Planning Institute, and constructed by Tan Ky Real Estate - Construction - Commerce - Service 55 Joint Stock Company. Aluminum-frame glass wall portfolio was conducted by Shenyang Yuanda Aluminium Company Limited Industry Engineering.


A scene of Da Nang Administrative Center


This building costs more than 11,681 tons of steel, including 600 tons of steel roof with a diameter from 215-700mm. With a large steel roof structure, winding diameter, sprawling over 20m, this structure has never been applied for any high-rise buildings in the country. In addition, all equipment used in the building ensures environmental requirements. They were produced after 2010 with an outstanding feature of high-energy savings. According to calculations, with modern equipment, the energy consumption of buildings will save 10-25% compared to conventional buildings. In terms of using capability, this intelligent building is controlled by a software systems designed to endure about 1,500 people work daily.


Architecture of the administrative center


Mr. Van Huu Chien, chairman of Da Nang People's Committee, said the building is designed with the idea of ​​simulating a navigational beacon. The building was divided into 4 parts: two basements with a floor area of over 15 thousand square meters (B1 occupies about 120 cars, while B2 occupies over 1000 motorcycles for staff in this center), technical departments, and canteen serving over 1000 people. According to Mr. Chien, this center is constructed on an area of over 20 thousand square meter. This is a breakthrough to construct an administrative center of Central Vietnam in particular and Vietnam politics in general with a contemporary scale near Han River. With the prime position, the architecture is highlighted in the city center. Da Nang Administrative Center is a unique architectural work as well as the highest building in Central Vietnam. It is inspired architecturally by the shape of a lighthouse, with a boat-shaped base combined with a sail-shaped roof; the administrative center expresses a desire to develop more of this young and dynamic Da Nang City.


Basements and Floor in the center


Not just having a unique architecture, the administrative center is regarded as one of the leading intelligent buildings in Vietnam on technological control and operation management system. Da Nang Administrative Center is a focal workplace of 24 departments, agencies and Da Nang City People's Committee to increase interoperability, promoting administrative reform in accordance with "3 more" campaign: faster, more suitable, and more friendly. Reportedly, Da Nang Civic Center is also a "smart building" on technology control and management operation with the most modern integrated system today.

Mr. Chien shared that after this building was put into operation, there are about 1600 staff and officers working in this center, and about 600 people coming here to exchange. This center creates favorable conditions for the city's authority to be closed to the citizens, simultaneously improve the efficiency in guideline and management. The closeness in working position will enhance the effective and rapid coordination between departments and agencies, especially to maximize interoperability, ability to cooperate in resolving a quick administrative procedure, to create conditions for citizens, businesses and investors to easier and faster access receiving and handling documents and letters, etc.

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