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Times City won Best Complex Project Award

Tue, 10 Mar 2015. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 09:01

Times City has achieved two precious awards of Asia Pacific Property Awards. They are Best Complex Project for Times City Urban Area and Best Business Center for Vincom Mega Mall Times City. It strongly determines the prosperity of VinGroup in the region.

VinGroup has won the best dual award Vietnam in the category of "Best Complex Project" for Times City Urban Area and "Best Business Center" for Vincom Mega Mall Times City. These are two of the most prestigious categories of Asia Pacific Property Awards under the world leading real estate award system - International Property Awards. "Best Complex Project" is the award for real estate projects converging series of strict criteria for architecture, planning and environmental protection, along with promoting innovation, efficiency and superior in providing services and facilities. Meeting all the above criteria, the system of luxury apartments, trade center, world-class hospitals and 5-star utility system... 36ha Times City urban area surpassed famous projects across the country to win Best Complex Project in Vietnam 2015 evaluated by a jury of more than 70 experts around the world.


Vincom Mega Mall Times City


Vincom Mega Mall Times City - a featured item of Times City also overcame many modern commercial centers in Vietnam to win the Best Business Center in Vietnam. With an area of more than 200,000m2 integrated a series unique items such as huge entertainment zone, various dining area, first outdoor Fountain Musical Theater, and the largest Aquarium in Vietnam... Vincom Mega Mall Times City is the top address of shopping, entertainment in Vietnam. It is also an impressive feature Times City. Like other urban areas in Vietnam developed by Vingroup, after more than a year in operation, Times City has been identified as one of the "worthiest urban area in Vietnam". Times City rapidly becomes the model of urban style, leading the trend in market of real estates in Vietnam.

Following the success of the first phase, Vingroup is preparing to launch the second phase. The advantages of Times City in the Phase 2 is to inherit and promote the essence of the VinGroup urban areas chain; simultaneously, to apply entirely new urban model, and incorporate unsurpassed living values. Accordingly, Times City - Phase 2 will create an ecological space which is optimized for modern facilities, bringing a new level of life to Vietnam real estate market. After 3 years of participation in International Property Awards, Vingroup and its urban area chain have been honored six times, creating a positive impression on Vietnam real estate in general and Vingroup brand in particular. In particular, in 2012, Vingroup won "Best Asia - Pacific Complex Project" for Vinhomes Riverside urban area. In 2014, Vingroup continued to be named in the category of "Best Business Center Vietnam" for Vincom Mega Mall and Royal City, and the "Highly appropriated complex project" for Royal City urban area.


Vinmec in Times City


International Property Awards is one of annual leading prestigious real estate awards prestigious. With a thickness of nearly 20 years of development, prizes awarded by the International Property Awards received wide recognitions among leading investors, experts and public worldwide. Belonging to International Property Awards, Asia Pacific Property Awards is a pledge of credibility and stature of real estate businesses in Asia. Thus, from 2008, the number of candidates competing for Asia Pacific Property Awards continuous increases in country of origin and level of competition. In particular, the award of "Best Complex Project" and "Best Business Center" are two categories attracting special attention and competition. In May 2015, the best representatives of each economy will continue to compete for the Asia - Pacific Property Awards. It is expected that at the end of this year, representatives from Asia, Europe, Africa and the Arab will undergo a final round of evaluation to select the world's best real estate business in more than 40 items from architecture, development, real estate, design, consulting, and interior...

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