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Attractive factors of Little Vietnam project

Tue, 18 Nov 2014. Last updated Mon, 04 May 2015 16:33

Located in an area of 3.3ha, Little Vietnam is a commercial urban houses project which is facsimiled for traditional business operation of Hanoi and Hoi An old quarter. It is the combination of living area and retail business.

In the context of Vietnam real estate facing difficulties, to appealing more the attention of customers, apart from factors of quality, geography, and after sales service, etc., projects of real estate need more distinctive features. Little Vietnam project with a model of commercial and tourist city launched in September 2014 succeeded in creating attraction to customers because new and weird elements, bringing potential values.

Ideal of Little Vietnam

Model of Little Vietnam project

As being a key project of Syrena Vietnam Investment and Development Joint Stock Company, Little Vietnam is appealing a large number of attention of investors by its unique ideal. According to Department of Culture, Sport and Tourism, the number of tourists visiting Quang Ninh is about 6.5 million, reaching 84.1% as planned and 99% compared with the same period. This contributed 4130 billion dong to the total revenue from activities of tourism. With the ideal of heritage in heritage, popping in one destination, tourists can explore cuisine and culture of different regions in the country from north to south. Therefore, Little Vietnam Project was formed. The project is located in a prime position, at the west gateway of Halong City, connecting Bai Chay and Tuan Chau, which is very convenient to the transportation. Morover, the breaking ground ceremony of Halong - Haiphong Highway linking to Hanoi - Haiphong National route (expected to finish in 2016) will contribute to increasing the number of tourists coming to Halong Bay. When the highway is completed, it will shorten travel time from Haiphong to Quang Ninh to only 15 minutes, and about 1 hour from Hanoi to Quang Ninh versus 4 hours as before.

Architectural and Cultural Values

Model of Hoi An Old Town in Little Vietnam project

Little Vietnam is not just a normal and simple product of real estate, but also a "house" full of cultural values. The project has 109 houses with a total area of 3.3 ha, including 80 Hanoi’s ancient houses, and 29 Hoi An’s ancient houses. The project is toward customers who have intention to reside and do business. Most of houses are under typical design which consists of 3-5 floors, two wide facades of 5-6m2 width through two walking streets. One of them has a traditional architecture of Hanoi Old Quarter or Hoi An Ancient Town, while another remains a modern style. In addition, investor also applied a professional management and operation. Also, there is a synchronized planning of neighborhoods, creating a harmonious unity between the living space and business space, creating conditions for households as well as businesses and travelers to connect with each other easily.

Not just recreating a typical elaborate architectural style of every house, according to regional characteristics, investors also pay attention to the preservation and promotion of spiritual and cultural values of Vietnam by providing unique performances of different types of ethnic cultural arts represented as Ca Tru singing, Cai Luong singing, and Cheo singing to serve tourists. Also, in the area surrounding landscape, the unique cultural works such as Rong House of Highlands, Ede's Long House, Hue Beam House, and Northern Stilt House... will be built to serve tourists who desire to visit and learn about the cultural distinctions of 54 ethnic groups across the country. This also makes project Little Vietnam become a place to keep traditional culture imbued with national identity as the original intention.

Located in Halong Bay - the Natural World Heritage, the Vietnam real estate product has an airy clean and fresh habitat. Besides, the project is also bestowed to benefits of completed Halong Marina urban area which is synchronous with a civilized and polite community. Children will grow up in an educational environment of equal opportunity. They have a chance to interact and learn from each other. From Little Vietnam, residents only take about 5-10 minutes walking to commercial and entertainment complex, Halong Marine Plaza, Marina Bay Beach, Bai Chay Beach resort, Bai Chay tourist wharf, Halong City Center and Tuan Chau Tourist Area.

Smart investment, high profit

With a pledge of 85% of kios to be open in September 2015 on the inaugurating ceremony, investors present customers free support of 2-year service fee, and business profit up to 288 million/ 2 years. In addition, investors also adopted a policy on hiring at 8-12 million within 2 years for commercial exploitation. According to Ms. Bui Thi Lien, one of the first owners of Little Vietnam, she chose to buy the project of Little Vietnam because this project could be profitable immediately with an earning up to 12 million / month. 

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